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Vintage Cotton Floral Tie in Pink

Vintage Cotton Floral Tie in Pink
$ 15.00

Product Details

Blackbird has created the perfect line of fun and fresh neckties. For instance, this Vintage Cotton Floral Tie in Pink embodies your grandma's favorite retro curtains, while also emboldening you to look chic and sophisticated. The classic design of flowers really makes this tie a necessity within your collection.

It's hard to believe that a tie could meet this level of comfort. The soft texture gives off the warmth of your favorite sweater. The ideal width for this collection was at 2.75 inches. This width is perfect for stepping into the modern world of fashion. A chic and comfortable look can be created with this dapper necktie.

Fabric: Printed Cotton | Length: 58", Skinny Width: 2.75"