Stripes ties: Selection of striped ties ranging in the price from $5 to $20. Find the striped necktie you are looking for.

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Initially ties were white in color, then later on, black was adopted in England as a formal tie. The striped tie design came much later in the 19th. The story behind striped ties is quite interesting. By 1880 the English army decided to get rid of their brightly colored uniforms since they made much to easy to sport targets for their enemies. The British military divisions used colors, or regiments, to differentiate themselves from one another. With the change of the traditional brightly colored uniforms, this was about to change. To keep the tradition, they decided to wear a necktie with their regimental colors instead. The regimental tie was born, and up to this point British Regimental Ties are one of the most classic striped necktie designs.

After WWI the popularity for striped ties grew rapidly. British soldiers returning home from the war wanted to show that they had fought for their country, and their division with pride, and to do so wore their unique regimental neckties. Especially the British rifle brigades were known for their diverse and unique regimental ties. While it was considered inappropriate to wear colors on was not entitled to in Great Britain, Americans selected their ties without such restrictions. After the First World War other countries found liking in the originally British necktie design. With the growing demand of striped ties, necktie manufacturers made more striping patterns and colors, that were purely based on taste and not the tradition of regimentals.

Matching striped ties

When matching a tie to a suit and shirt, three main things need to be taken into consideration: The colors of each piece of clothing, the patterns, and the weight of the fabrics. The striped necktie matches easiest with solid patterns such as a solid color suit and plain dress shirt. If you would like to combine more patterns in the suit, shirt, and the tie, then pay attention to the size of each pattern: Vary them in size. For example: Combine a fine pin-striped suit with a tie that has wider stripes. You can also change the type of pattern such as checkered, stripes, and polka dots. Simple vary the size of the patterns in each piece of clothing. It is that simple.

Besides the size of the pattern, consider the look you are going for. A classic striped regimental tie resembles a more conservative, and traditional British look. Combine this type of tie with a shirt and suit that compliments this look. A dress shirt with button down collar is a classic example. Modern Italian striped ties in brighter colors and more intricate patterns within the stripes on the other hand, are matched best with modern tailored suit and shirt. A three or four button jacket, and dress shirt with a wider collar spread is a good example.

Stripes ties: Selection of striped ties ranging in the price from $5 to $20. Find the striped necktie you are looking for.