Extra Long Ties: Ties Made for Big and Tall Men

Below is our latest collection of extra long ties, perfect for taller men. Our XL sized ties range between 61´-63´ in (un-tied) length and are perfect for the tall tie wearer (above 6 foot 3 inches), and for those men with a larger neck size. All extra long ties below are in stock, and most of these ties also available in regular length. Click on your favorite XL sized tie:

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More information on Extra Long Ties:

Who needs an XL necktie?

Ties are designed so that they are tied in a certain area of the tie. The width and thickness of the fabric in that part is designed to create a great looking knot - one that is proportionate in size and stays in place snug near the collar. If you are tall, typically above 6’3”, you might experience that you need to tie your tie closer towards the end - where the tie is narrower. As a result, the tie knot will simply not look right. Often times the knot will slip out of shape and/or the lower part of the tie will hang out on the side of the knot. If this describes you, then wearing an XL tie is the way to go.

How long are our Extra Long Ties?

Our extra long ties measure 61-63 inches in length and are about 3-4 inches longer than a standard length tie. Even the tallest men can wear our XL neckties.

Tie knots for extra long ties:

Many tall men are limited to the type of tie knot they wear. Larger tie knots such as the very popular double, or full Windsor tie knot requires more length of the tie, which makes the full Windsor knot an almost impossible knot to master when using a regular sized necktie. With extra long ties this will become a problem of the past.

Extra Long Ties: The necktie for the big and tall men. Our XL men’s neck ties come in the same classic and elegant designs as our regular sized neckties. The only difference: Extra long ties are 3-4 inches longer.