Silk tie care: How to clean, and store your neckties

Storing silk ties

It is important to un-tie your tie after wearing it. Flip-up your collars, carefully open the tie knot, and take the tie off. Then slowly open the tie knot, and lay the tie straight. Slide your palm over the area where the knot used to be and straighten the tie. Be careful not to pull any threads when doing this.

The best way to store the tie is by hanging it straight in an area with no direct sunlight - excessive sun exposure can cause the color to fade. Excluded are knitted ties. Knitted ties should be stored flat as hanging them can cause the tie to loose its shape. Be careful not to hang your ties over any sharp edges that could potentially pull out individual silk threads. This can really damage a tie.  Especially made tie racks are a good choice. Another alternative is to use a hanger. Some men use different hangers for different colors to make it easier to find the tie they are looking for.

Cleaning silk ties

Especially solid color ties show stains very easily. No matter how careful you are, sooner or later little accidents happen: Spilling coffee in your car, or splashing soup during a dinner – it does happen. Don’t panic! The first step is to careful rinse the tie with cold mater right away. Many times we don’t have the choice to do this immediately. We are in a meeting, or business dinner, and cleaning the tie might have to wait. If this is the case, use ethanol-rubbing alcohol to clean the tie. Don’t rub the stain into the fabric. Instead dampen a piece of white cloth with the rubbing alcohol and tap it onto the stain.

Dry-cleaning a tie should be your last option. Before giving it to the cleaner check how they clean it. Many drycleaners use harsh chemicals that will get the stain out, but damage the silk, and will ruin your tie. A tie should also never be ironed, as it will damage the inlay, which will cause the tie to loose its shape. Instead use steam by holding an iron a few inches above the tie.

The lifetime of a silk tie

If cared for correctly, a high quality silk tie can last a lifetime. Certain classic designs such as regimental ties or paisley patterns are timeless. Most other designs however change with current fashion. Whether or not to wear a tie often times depends on what is fashionable at the time.  

Silk tie care: How to clean and store silk neckties. Tips on removing stains on mens silk ties, and tips how to hang and store a tie.