Dress Code Tips: Find the right tie for each occasion:

Ties for a job interview

The right attire for a job interview depends partially on the type of job, and/or the industry you are applying for. In general, wearing a suit and tie to your job interview is a good choice: It shows respect to the employer, and it shows that you took your time to prepare. First impressions often times set the tone in a meeting, including a job interview. First impressions are made by how someone is dressed, if someone makes eye contact, and how firm someone’s handshake is. It is important that you show confidence without coming across too arrogant. This last point has to be considered when picking your suit, shirt, and tie. The goal is to find a conservative and professional look that is classy but not too flashy. The best choice is a charcoal gray 2-piece suit, white dress shirt, and a tie with some, but not too much color. Even though any color tie will match to a gray suit and white dress shirt, pick a classic necktie color, such as navy blue or burgundy red. Striped ties in blue and/or red are also great. Stay away from novelty ties, or ties with too bright of a color such as bright red, pink, orange, yellow, and so on. Novelty ties are considered as tacky, and do not belong in business attire. Bright necktie colors might be perceived as too flashy. Good luck on your interview!

What tie for a date

If you are going on a date and decided to dress up for the occasion, wearing a suit and tie might be the right look for you. When choosing your outfit, keep in mind what look you want to go for. Typically the conservative business look is out of place. Instead go for an elegant look that is classy, yet warm and friendly. This look can easily be created with the right color combination.

First, pick your suit. Weather or not your date is during the day or at night affects the type of suit you want to pick. Typically lighter suit colors are preferred during the day, especially in the spring and summer. A tan, beige, or light gray suit would be a great choice in this case. For a date during the evening, darker colors may be a better fit such as gray or dark blue. Second, pick your dress shirt. White dress shirts are too boring, and too conservative. A striped or checkered shirt is a great choice. Next, pick your tie. Make sure that the pattern of the tie is different in size than the pattern on the dress shirt. As a general rule: Combine large with small patterns. A shirt with large checkered pattern would go well with a tie that has a small pattern of tiny dots, crosses, flowers, etc. What colors for shirt and tie? Pick a friendly color such as light blue, orange, yellow, or light green.

Last, pick your accessories such as cufflinks, belt, and shoes. Tan or navy blue suits look great with brown and gold accessories. In general, the color of the belt should match your shoe color, and the color of your cufflinks should match the color of your belt buckle.

Wedding ties

Finding the right necktie for your wedding can be quite challenging. Typically weddings have a particular color theme that will decide what color necktie the groom, and groomsmen will wear. Can’t be that difficult then you might think? Well, it often times is. Even though the color theme is given, many people have problems finding the exact color shade. At cheap-neckties we sort our ties by color. In addition, we have very flexible return policy. Simply order the ties that might work as a sample.

The most common tie design for weddings are solid colored ties made from a smooth and shiny silk fabric. Most weddings are in the spring and summer months, which calls for bright and cheerful colors. Ties in pink, sliver, sage green, yellow, lavender, and orange are most popular.

Ties for business meetings

The right look will depend your industry. If you work in sales, then a suit and tie is a great choice. In this case stay with classic dark gray or dark blue suit, and white or light blue dress shirt. The tie can, and should show some color. In the summer orange, yellow and light green ties are great. If you want to make a bold statement pick a charcoal gray suit, light blue dress shirt and bright fire engine red tie. For most business meetings however, a slightly more conservative look is in place, and a classic blue or burgundy red tie is your best bet.

Ties and black tie attire

Traditional black tie attire means: Tux, tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, and white pocket square. Read your invitation carefully. There are differences in black tie attire invitations. If it reads: “Black tie required” then the tux and bow tie are in place. “A black tie preferred” invitation should also be met with the traditional tuxedo and bow tie look. “Black tie optional” leaves a little more room for interpretation. Most men will wear a dark 2-piece suit, white dress shirt, and elegant tie in this case.

Ties for funerals

Funerals call for black: Black suit, white shirt, and black tie are in place. If you don’t have a black tie, and do not want to buy one for the occasion, then a dark blue tie will work as well. It is advisable to stay away from any patterns on the tie.

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