Men´s Ascot Ties

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How to Wear an Ascot

Traditionally the ascot was part of formal daytime attire in 19th century England. The ascot tie was paired with a tailcoat jacket, also known as Morning Coat, was loosely tied and secured with a decorative pin that often times was made out of precious metals and/or stones. Today the ascot is worn with much less rigidity. It is commonly worn for elegant leisure wear. The decorative tie pin is left off and the ascot is tugged inside the dress shirt that has the top few buttons left undone.

Matching Ascots − Considering Colors and Patterns

Because the ascot is nowadays much less formal than it once used to be, many designers make ascots with a wide range of patterns and colors. Most popular are intricate foulards and traditional patterns such as the Indian Paisley design. When matching the ascot to the rest of your outfit, make sure that the colors harmonize and that the patterns don´t "bite" each other. As a general rule: Match patterns of each clothing item that are different in size and, if possible, also in design. For more information you may also want to read our guide on: Matching Ties