Neckties for Kids and Boys

Below is our current assortment of kids neckties. All our kids ties are made to be self-tied, allowing you to easily adjust the length of the tie to suit a wide age-range. In case you are looking to dress father and son in matching ties, then all kids ties shown below are also available in adult sizes.

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Also Available: Kids & Toddler Sized Bow Ties

Besides our best-selling kids neckties which are suited for boys ages 5-12 years old, we offer 40 of our best selling colors as boys and toddler bow ties that are suited for ages 2-8 years old. Check out all our kids bow ties here

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Kids ties for what occasion:

Most of the time, boy’s neckties are purchased for weddings. Everyone will love the look of a child wearing a dress shirt, and a tie. Besides weddings, family gatherings such as graduations, or communion are popular occasions for kids to wear ties.

How long are boys’ ties, and will they fit my child?

Our kids’ ties measure 47” in length and are 2.5” wide. They are a perfect fit if your child is between 4’7” and 5’3” tall. If your son is taller than 5 foot 3 inches, a regular sized necktie, or bow tie will fit.

How to tie a kid’s necktie?

Just like dad’s tie, tie your sons tie the same way. Weather you choose a Four in Hand knot, or a more complicated double Windsor knot, the choice is yours. Many men enjoy teaching their sons how dad ties his ties.

Where to find the matching tie for dad?

All our boys’ neckties are also available for dad. In fact, the regular sized necktie came first, and after common requests we especially made ties to fit your son’s height. Simply go to ties sorted by color and choose the appropriate color to find the same tie for you as you picked for your son.