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Ties for $5.00

Every tie in this category is $5.00 and made from fine Microfiber. Microfiber is very carefree material that is more stain resistant and less likely to wrinkle. Because of this, and the slightly lower price pint, Microfiber ties have become quite popular in recent years. At we only use the highest quality of microfiber, fabric and the neckties are almost indistinguishable from a silk tie.

Ties for $10.00

Each necktie in this selection is $10.00. Here you will find both Microfiber ties and handmade silk ties. The silk ties are mostly solid color ties. Besides ties, you will also find bow ties and pocket squares in this category.

Ties for $15.00

Here you will only find neckties and bow ties that are handmade from pure silk.

Ties for $20.00

All neckties in this group are handmade from 100% pure silk. Compared to the $15.00 category, these ties are made from a more intricate silk fabric. Intricate weaving techniques created a stunning pattern, look, and feel of the ties. Most XL silk neckties and bowties with matching pocket square fall also into this category.

Ties sorted by price: At we offer highest quality silk ties to the lowest prices. Pick your price of $5, $10, $15, or $20 and find the necktie you have been searching for: Striped ties, regimental ties, solid colored ties, stain resistant ties, extra long ties, pocket squares, bow ties, and more.