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Solid Matte Mens Tie in Espresso Brown

Solid Matte Mens Tie in Espresso Brown
$ 15.00

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Whether this tie looks espresso brown to you or maroon (we think both) this tie is all fall! It is also a 100% original design that celebrates simplicity and autumn! Drawing from a woven raw silk to create a matte texture, this tie is ideal for any event in the colder months. The gorgeous maroon-brown color gives the tie a depth and warmth that will greatly enhance any outfit, especially dark navy, olive, or drown suits.

This tie belongs to the latest line by Chevalier. It features a very original raw silk weave, which creates the appearance of wool while being much softer to the touch. These ties are in a standard length of 58 inches but in a slightly slimmed down width of 3.1 inches, creating a modern appearance without being a skinny tie.

100% Raw Silk | Length: 58", Width: 3.1"

Product Rewiews

Juan's review

"Amazing tie"

Rating 5/5
Gerard's review

"Great with a tweed jacket."

Rating 5/5