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Slim Cut Tie in Merlot Red

Slim Cut Tie in Merlot Red
$ 5.00

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Up the ante when purchasing one of Puccini's newest items our Slim Cut Tie in Merlot Red. Old reliable has gotten a makeover, y'all. What's the upgrade you ask? Well Puccini's newest design contains a rich ribbed pattern creating both a matte finish with a slight texture while also slimming up the width to a delightful 2.75 inches.

We all want to look dapper as we enter situations that require a suit and tie. With our new line by Puccini you'll be sure to be the sharpest dressed human in the room, especially when paired with a delightfully rich navy fitted suit.

Fabric: Ribbed Texture Microfiber | Length: 58", Skinny Width: 2.75"