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Preppy Striped Tie in Navy Blue

Preppy Striped Tie in Navy Blue
$ 5.00

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Product Details

Looking for a classic business tie that suits all your suits and shirts? Then this navy and royal blue striped tie by Puccini will be an excellent choice. Although all suits will look nice with this tie, we suggest you match it with a light blue dress shirt and a light gray suit.

This tie is made from a fabric called microfiber. Microfiber is a man-made silk fabric that looks and feels just like natural silk but is more resillient to stains and wrinkles.

Tie Length: 58", Width: 3.5"

Product Rewiews

MICHAEL's review


Rating 5/5
David's review

"Very nice color combination."

Rating 5/5
Paul's review

"Great tie"

Rating 5/5
Herman's review

"Product is fine. Got compliments when I wore it"

Rating 5/5
Frank's review

"no further comment needed"

Rating 5/5
Demetrius's review


Rating 5/5
marilyn's review

"used them to lenghten ties that were too short"

Rating 5/5
johnny's review

"Classic with a flair of hip."

Rating 5/5
Charlie's review

"Good quality, will recomend it, i used for my personal and also a gift"

Rating 5/5
Sheldon's review

"For work"

Rating 4/5
Rick's review

"A great tie and always ties up well and looks outstanding."

Rating 5/5
William's review

"Nice with dark blue suit"

Rating 5/5
john's review


Rating 5/5
Kenneth's review

"I wear these ties to church and social events. The quality is top-notch and recommended for all. K.C."

Rating 5/5