Item-Num.: SB3127

Powder Blue Silk Tie in Matte Finish

Powder Blue Silk Tie in Matte Finish
$ 15.00

Product Details

A spectacularly powder blue necktie created for all your fabulous affairs. It's elite material is Jacquard Silk and is sure to revitalize all of your day old looks. With its blue similar to a cloudless day, you're sure to run into zero obstacles when wearing it. So go after that promotion, or call an old friend. You can do anything.

Paired with a sophisticated light gray fitted suit Spring won't know what to think. You'll have every head turning as you're dressed in essential and inspiring spring hues. If you're wanting a more icy vibe try pairing this necktie with a charcoal or black gray suit to really allow the blue hue to shine.

Fabric: 100% Jacquard Silk | Length: 58", Width: 3.1"