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Olive Green Skinny Tie

Olive Green Skinny Tie
$ 15.00

Product Details

This dark olive green tie is the perfect modern accessory for the Fall and Winter season. The season complementary worsted wool fabric in combination with the dark shade of green, makes this a perfect choice for the colder months of the year.

When matching this tie to shirt and suit, we suggest you pick out a slim fit navy suit, solid white shirt, and brown dress shoes. Made from worsted wool.

Length: 58", Slim Width: 2.75"

Product Rewiews

Gary's review

"I was under the impression it was all wool. It is actually a blend."

Rating 3/5
Tina's review

"Very nice for the price."

Rating 5/5
Michael's review

"For work. Another professional. Quality is okay."

Rating 4/5
gregory's review

"very nice tie"

Rating 5/5