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Oatmeal Colored Silk Plaid Tie

Oatmeal Colored Silk Plaid Tie
$ 15.00

Product Details

Ditch the solids for a more exciting necktie from the Parsley Design House's latest plaid collection. Plaid adds a more interesting dimension to outfits that just can't be accomplished with a regular solid tie. This Oatmeal Colored Silk Plaid Tie features neutral tones with a sunny streak of yellow.

Keep it casual by pairing this tie with a brown cardigan and a pair of your favorite bluejeans.

Handmade 100% Silk, Length: 58", Width: 3.35"

Product Rewiews

Lee's review

"I like the tie and will use it frequently and I would recommend it to others. Good value."

Rating 4/5
Deborah's review

"I love the look of this. Great with beiges."

Rating 5/5
Michael's review

"Kind of narrow"

Rating 5/5
ALEXANDER's review

"very nice tie"

Rating 5/5