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Necktie in Mauve Lavender

Necktie in Mauve Lavender
$ 5.00

Product Details

This light lavender, also called mauve, tie is the perfect accessory for the light gray suit. It is a tie that will add color and more style to any spring and summer suit and tie outfit. A fine check pattern in light silver adds nice texture and brilliant shine to this tie. Made from microfiber.


Tie Length: 58", Tie Width: 3.5"

Product Rewiews

Sonja's review


Rating 5/5
Richard's review

"Love it"

Rating 5/5
Dan's review

"For work"

Rating 5/5
Craig's review

"Quality is great for the price. Bought the tie for work and it looks great!"

Rating 5/5
Steven's review

"Good quality tie."

Rating 5/5
Rick's review


Rating 4/5
Yohannes's review

"May be the color choice I find myself wearing it less."

Rating 3/5
Barbara's review

"love it"

Rating 5/5