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Monochromatic Polka Dot Tie in Bright Orange

Monochromatic Polka Dot Tie in Bright Orange
$ 5.00

Product Details

Get dotty with this monochromatic polka dot tie in bright orange. Puccini goes above, and beyond with this item creating a sophisticated look from what can often be a trivial color, and design option.

Wear it with a sleek blue suit to the office, and you can be sure everyone will take you seriously,and admire your savvy tie choice. The microfiber material is also no joke as it is both stain, and fray resistant. What more could you want?

Length: 58", Width: 3.1"

Product Rewiews

Gilbert's review

"Great ties"

Rating 5/5
Julie's review

"Nice tie"

Rating 5/5
Robert's review

"Great tie"

Rating 5/5
Chad's review

"Very good"

Rating 5/5
Elaine's review

"Love the colors"

Rating 5/5
Darron's review

"Lots of looks from the women"

Rating 5/5
Patricia's review


Rating 5/5
Jay's review

"Goes well with navy blue. Good quality."

Rating 5/5