Item-Num.: CS1011F

Mini Polka Dot Bow Tie in Sapphire Blue

Mini Polka Dot Bow Tie in Sapphire Blue
$ 10.00

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Product Details

You know what happened to the guy who didn't wear this bow tie on his date? He blue it! If you don't wanna be that guy, then this is the bow tie for you. It's classy, fashionable and versatile making this the perfect bow tie.

You can wear it with a suit while attending a formal event or wear it casually with a pair of dark jeans. This bow tie comes pre-tied allowing anyone to be able to wear it without the hassle of having to tie it yourself. Made from a care-free microfiber and ready to be worn.

Bow Tie Style: Pre-Tied | Length: Adjustable to 19.5"