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Mens Necktie in Purple Rose

Mens Necktie in Purple Rose
$ 5.00

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Product Details

This rose purple necktie is one of the most lavish and impressive neckties that we carry. Its decadent color works best for any formal occasion making it an optimal wedding tie. As a bonus it comes in other available options such as a matching bow tie and pocket square. You could have your entire wedding party suited up and ready to go with this luxurious tie.

This color pairs excellently with mostly any colored suit, but we favor it with a medium grey. Add in a crisp white dress shirt and black shoes for a sharp and complete outfit. This tie was crafted from microfiber and designed by Puccini.

Tie Length: 58", Width: 3.25"

Product Rewiews

Jerry's review

"Specifically, 1st time wearing for a wedding, then depending on shirt, a work/night tie."

Rating 5/5