How to tie a tie: Tying a half Windsor tie knot

There are two kinds of Windsor knots: The full Windsor, or also called double Windsor, and its smaller brother, the half Windsor tie knot. As the name suggests, the half Windsor is much smaller since the tie is only wrapped once around the narrow end. Of all the smaller tie knots, the half Windsor tie knot is the largest, and also the most symmetrical one. So if you like a slightly more triangular looking knot, and are wearing a shirt with a narrow collar spread, then the half Windsor is a perfect choice.

Instructions: How to tie a half Windsor tie knot

tie a half Windsor tie knot

  1. As with every tie knot, flip up your shirt color and put the tie around your neck. For the half Windsor the wide part of the tie should hang down on your left side. Then cross the narrow end of the necktie with the wide part. Most ties have a little seam near the narrow end. For most men this is a good indicator to find the right length.
  2. Pull the wide end of the tie around the part on your right side of the collar. Pull it behind the tie and back to the front.
  3. Pull it slightly and wrap the wide part of the tie around the narrow part. To keep the tie in place hold the narrow part with your other hand. Again, pull it slightly tight.
  4. In this step we are creating the final loop for the tie knot. Pull the wide part of the necktie behind the tie and back around to the front side of the narrow part. Then, pull the wide end of the necktie around the part located on your right side near your collar. Don’t pull it tight, but make sure you have a loop on the front.
  5. Pull the wide end through the loop and slightly tighten the knot.
  6. Adjust the tie knot so it is centered between your collars. Flip down your collar and give the knot a fail touch to make it perfect. You are done!

How to Tie a Half Windsor Video

How to tie a tie: Learn how to tie a small Windsor knot. The half Windsor knot is smaller than the full or double Windsor and takes less of the tie’s length. It is well suited for people having problems to tie their ties to the right length and taller men. Of all the smaller tie knots it is the most symmetrical. It matches best with shirts that have a narrow collar spread.