Item-Num.: CS1109-2F

Herringbone Texture Bowtie in Obsidian Gray

Herringbone Texture Bowtie in Obsidian Gray
$ 5.00

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Want to do something different with your wedding party? How about this gorgeous, Obsidian Grey bow tie. Bow ties always give a ceremony a more formal feel. This is pre-tied and woven with a very small herringbone pattern that looks trendy and sophisticated at the same time. Made of microfiber, it has the look and feel of silk while still remaining stain and wrinkle resistant. This really sets off a black suit or tux. The obvious choice of a white shirt could be improved by using a very light grey one. We have pocket squares and regular ties in the same fabric.

Style: Pre-Tied Bow Tie | Length: Adjustable to 20" Collar