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Handmade Bright Purple Tie with Sheen

Handmade Bright Purple Tie with Sheen
$ 10.00

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This is the perfect piece to express your inner youthful side. With just one tie, you can speak volumes to your playful demeanor. In this mesmerizing lavender, be prepared to have an extra bounce in your step. With a slightly slimmer width than your traditional tie, you will feel like a modern gentleman. Now… what more do you need from a tie?

Pair this piece effortlessly with a muted gray sports coat in a breathable cotton. This ensemble is best worn on a cool summer night, with added accessories like a chocolate brown belt and patterned white pocket square.

Tie Length: 58", Tie Width: 3"

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Bob's review

"good quality, beautiful color. held knot."

Rating 5/5