How to fold a pocket square with one corner up:

Wearing a pocket square adds an elegant touch to your formal attire, and is an accessory every man should have in his wardrobe. Pocket squares are not only well suited for black tie events but also match with a more casual look. The white pocket square is the most formal and is typically worn for black tie events in combination with a tix and a black bow tie. More casual are pocket square with more color and patterns. Often times the color and the pattern of the pocket square is matched to the necktie. Although this is done quite often, it is not a must. Many fashion experst wear a different pattern and color pocket square from the neckwear. If done right, it looks quite sophisticated.

Pocket square folding instructions: One corner up

Folding a pocket square one corner up

  1. Lay the pocket square on a flat surface and straighten it out with the palm of your hand.
  2. Fold the pocket square along the center to create a triangular shape.
  3. Then, fold in one side of the pocket square.
  4. Do the same for the opposite side. Finished! It is this easy!

Common mistakes when folding a pocket square one corner up.

  1. Problem: The corner showing is not centered in the middle. This is not really a mistake. Some people actually prefer the non-centered look. If you still want to have a perfect triangle, and centered corner sticking out of your breast pocket, then pay closer attention to step 3 and 4. Make sure that the “corner up” is at the center when folding in each side of the pocket square.
  2. Problem: The pocket square doesn’t stay in your pocket or tends to slide down too far. Most of the time this happens when folding a pocket square that is made from a very thin and soft material such as silk. Using a pocket square made from a stiffer fabric, such as linen or cotton, will resolve this. Another way is to fold in less of the pocket square during step 3 and 4. This will make the pocket square wider, and fit tighter inside your breast pocket.

Pocket square folding instructions: Learn how to fold a pocket square with the classic look of one corner showing out of your breast pocket.