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Floral Tie in Peridot Green and Coral Pink

Floral Tie in Peridot Green and Coral Pink
$ 10.00

Product Details

This tie is the definition of versatile. Its tea green base color is garnished with an eye-catching floral pattern to really give it a fun, yet sophisticated style. You can dress it up and wear it with a navy colored suit, or simply wear it casual with a nice pair of dark denim jeans and a white shirt. The soft green color paired with its modern pattern is surely an attention grabber.

Designer Puccini really created an excellent spring colored tie that puts forth a warm and welcoming vibe. Wear this tie on a nice lunch, in the office, or even just around town. It's the perfect addition to your tie collection.

Fabric: Woven Microfiber | Length: 58", Width: 3"