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Extra Long Striped Tie in Navy

Extra Long Striped Tie in Navy
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Cavallieri has designed this exquisite neck tie. This is a very appropriate tie to wear in a work setting, whether it is just for the office, or to a lunch meeting. The wonderful navy blue background is intricately designed with taupe and baby blue horizontal stripes.

This tie works best when paired with a crisp white dress shirt, a pair of fun cufflinks, and a navy suit. A second option is to switch our the white shirt for a baby blue one to help emphasize the baby blue found within the stripes. Whichever color you choose to wear, this is a very professional look that will have many envious. Made in XL length of 62 inches for men above 6 foot 3 inches.

Extra Long Tie Length: 62", Width: 3.5"