Item-Num.: SB3709SF

Cherry Red and Silver Polka Dot Bow tie

Cherry Red and Silver Polka Dot Bow tie
$ 9.95

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Product Details

This bow tie will turn heads! Don't believe us? Then try for yourself by pairing this piece with your favorite navy suit or blazer, blue and white striped shirt, as well as a matching solid colored pocket square in cherry red. Made as a self-tie bow tie.

Style: Self-Tie | Size: 4.5" x 2.5" | Length: Adjustable

Product Rewiews

John's review

"My business attire"

Rating 4/5
Rick's review

"This product is not a typical bow tie it has a clip in the back so that once it is tied it can be unhooked and taken off without having to tie it again the next time"

Rating 4/5
Timothy's review

"My first bow tie. Did not realize it had a hook in back. Once tied it could be used as a pre-tied bow. Makes it a bit harder to use to practice tying though."

Rating 5/5
Betsy's review

"Great tie for a great price :)"

Rating 5/5