June 22, 2017

Cheap-Neckties May Featured Customer: Rudy

At Cheap-Neckties, YOU are our number one concern! We appreciate each and every purchase and want to share our gratitude by selecting a Customer Of The Month! Each month, we will randomly select a return customer that has made a purchase within that month. That person will receive a complimentary item from our warehouse and be featured here! Meet our May 2017 winner, Rudy!



See Rudy’s complimentary item here.


Our next winner will be contacted the first week of July!


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June 20, 2017

Custom Ties with Centered Logo

custom ties logo embroidered below knot
Recently we were contacted by a funeral home asking us to create a matte textured tie in navy and black with an embroidered logo that sits just a few inches below the knot. The customer actually liked the following in-stock navy tie, but wanted the logo to be added. It was a pretty straight forward design request. Below is the digital mock up we created for the client:
Logo Neckties navy Blue
After the client approved the design we started the production. After 10 days we shared some photos of the fabrics with our clients before continuing with the sewing of the ties. Since no further revisions were needed, we were able to make these ties within just 22 days of receiving the order. Below are photos of this tie in black as well as navy blue.
custom logo neckties

logo neckties

Other Custom Ties with Centered Logos

Below are a few other custom ties we recently produced that had an embroidered logo at the center.
Custom Logo Ties with Color Fade
Custom Ties with Logo Below Tie Knot

June 15, 2017

Style Help: Men’s Guide to Understanding Athleisure

Mens Style Guide - The Basics of Athleisure

Athleisure is a trend taking men’s and women’s fashion by storm. With so many opinions flying about regarding the fad, we wanted to help our menswear readers understand the basics. Athleisure makes it easy for those who wish to work, live, and play all in the same look. A blend between athletics and leisure, sportswear meets streetwear, and functional fashion. Depending on your work dress code, this might be the life hack you’ve been waiting for… office to gym attire. 

Our Men’s Guide To Understanding Athleisure is here to help you visually decipher this trend. In five clothing categories, we’ve listed and ranked athleisure items from business casual streetwear to athletic sportswear. Find the most business casual streetwear items of dress trousers, unbuttoned dress shirt, blazer, and white trainers on the inner ring while the most athletic combo of track pants, t-shirt, hoodie, and technical sneakers are stationed on the outer ring. Don’t forget everything else in between! The beauty of athleisure is its versatility. Once the essentials are purchased, you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Looking to get a head start and look like an athleisure pro? One of the most seen looks combines joggers, low top canvas shoes, white t-shirt, and a bomber jacket.

See the detailed list of what’s included in the graphic below:



Navy Blazer, Bomber, Cardigan, Hoodie


White Trainers, Burgundy Suede, Low top Canvas, Tech Running Shoes


Dress Shirt, Polo Shirt, Crew Neck Sweatshirt, T-Shirt


Navy Pants, Chinos, Joggers, Track Pants


Leather Holdall, Backpack, Baseball Cap, Beanie



Check out our $5$10$15, and $20 items! 


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June 13, 2017

Menswear Color Of The Month: Blue Gray

Each month we will be featuring a Color of the Month! We are often inspired by trending colors and want to share our love for the complexity within each hue. We hope that by submerging into the the color wheel, our customers’ knowledge will expand as we feature distinct, noteworthy items. Let us know your color requests in the comments below!



Our featured menswear color for June is Blue Gray. This color is uncomplicated goodness. A happy mix between two of menswear’s favorite colors, blue and gray. An instant win with any navy, black, or light gray suit, this versatile color will blend with your favorite shirts and accessories. For weddings, this subdued color stand outs when paired among brighter colors like gold, blush, and cream. We’ve chosen eight of our best picks of blue gray neckties and bow ties. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option for your wedding party or a new look at the office, this color will present a timeless and effortless style.

  • Solid Satin Mens Tie in Gray


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June 8, 2017

Custom Striped Ties for High School Graduation

custom ties for high school graduation

Last month Easton High School contacted us to help create a tie for their senior class. They were looking for a simple striped design in school colors (orange and black) as well as the writing EHS 2017 in a serif font embroidered onto the tie. This was all we needed to create a first set of design suggestions:

custom tie designs suggestions

Our customer liked design #1 without further edits. Below is the actual tie that arrived less than 30 days after we submitted this job for production:

logo necktie with stripes in orange black

If you are interested to get custom ties made, the contact our custom tie team today and we will be happy to help to create some design suggestions free of charge. Prices for custom ties start at $5.95 and pocket squares for as low as $3.50.

June 5, 2017

NEW Skinny Neckties: Matte Solids + Striped Texture

10 New Skinny Mens Neckties

You asked for more skinny ties, and we listened! We are pleased to formally introduce you to the newest additions to our skinny necktie family. Stealing the spotlight from our other skinny ties, here are ten more colors to tag along with a modern fit suit. The first design is a solid textured necktie with a matte finish made in Moss Green, Navy, Cream, Royal Blue, Paprika Red, and Burgundy. The second design is a textured stripe design available in Burgundy, Raspberry Red, Navy, and Cream. Available for a limited time at $5! 

Matte Burgundy Skinny Mens Tie Matte Navy Mens Skinny NecktieRoyal Blue Mens Skinny Matte NecktieMatte Moss Green Skinny Mens Necktie   Matte Mens Skinny Necktie in CreamPaprika Red Matte Mens Skinny Necktie

Summer Skinny Neckties for Men

Burgundy Striped Textured Skinny Necktie Striped Skinny Textured Necktie in NavyStriped Textured Skinny Mens Necktie in CreamStripe Textured Skinny Mens Necktie in Raspberry Red

Shop our entire skinny necktie collection here.


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June 1, 2017

Custom Ties with Embroidered Logo on Backside

custom embroidered logo necktie

A few weeks ago one of our customers asked if there was a way to add his Church’s logo on the backside of one of our in-stock neckties. Our customer had picked out the following silver paisley tie and wanted his logo embroidered not on the front of the tie, but instead a bit more hidden on the back tipping. Of course this wasn’t a problem. Before starting the actual production of these ties we first created the following digital design mock up to ensure we got the design exactly like our customer had envisioned. To show some possible logo placements our designers added a couple more suggestions:

embroidering logos on necktie

Our customer decided to keep the front of the tie plain with the logo showing just on the backside (Option B above). In addition the customer wanted us to create matching pocket squares (no logo). Of course that was no problem. 30 days after going into production the final ties and pocket squares were completed.

Looking to get custom ties made? Then contact us today and our designers would be happy to create whatever you had envisioned.


May 31, 2017

Our Most Popular $5 Microfiber Solid Neckties For Sale

Most Popular Solid $5 Neckties: Cheap-Neckties.com

Midnight Blue  |  Royal Blue  |  Bright Cyan Blue

Bright Purple  |  Bright Red  |  Petal Pink

Turquoise Blue  |  Bright Mint  |  Canary Yellow

Formal Black  |  Cream Champagne  |  Bright White


At Cheap-Neckties we pride ourselves by providing neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, and other menswear accessories at affordable prices. You don’t have to break the bank to look good and we’re here to help! We have a huge selection of neckties for $5. Within this price range are solid, stripes, plaid and more, all made from a microfiber material. Being a durable material with stain and wrinkle free properties, microfiber neckties are a great option for large groups or events and will remain sturdy for years to come. Some of our return clients happen to be churches, schools, uniform apparel companies, and restaurants. Above are twelve of our best selling solid microfiber neckties available for $5. See all of our $5 items here

Our customer support team is happen to help should you have any questions regarding color or quantity for your bulk order!


Looking to get your own logo or design created? We produce custom neckties, bow ties, scarves, etc. for quantities of 50 or more. See our recent custom jobs and contact us for a free consult!

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May 24, 2017

Get The Look: Trendy Blue + Brown

Mens Summer Style - Trendy Blue Jacket + Skinny Check Necktie

Blue and brown will always be a contender for one of the top menswear color pairings. The two iconic colors blend and complement each other in a way that others colors cannot. Often a fall time duo, this look features a light blue jacket which makes it spring and summer worthy! The necktie sports a brown, navy, and red plaid pattern with houndstooth design we can’t help but love! Show off your styling chops and shop the items below.

Blue Suit Jacket

Tie Bar in Matte Burgundy

Twill White Dress Shirt

Houndstooth Trendy Tweed Tie

Brown + White Floral Hanky

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May 17, 2017

Cheap-Neckties April Featured Customer: Ron

At Cheap-Neckties, YOU are our number one concern! We appreciate each and every purchase and want to share our gratitude by selecting a Customer Of The Month! Each month, we will randomly select a return customer that has made a purchase within that month. That person will receive a complimentary item from our warehouse and be featured here! Meet our April 2017 winner, Ron!


Featured Customer - April 2017

See Ron’s complimentary item here!

Our next winner will be contacted the first week of June!


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