June 21, 2018

Snazzy and Simple: Minimalistic Men’s Outfit

Stylish Mens Look - Black Floral Tie with Gray Topcoat

There’s no need to over clutter a look when the basics will bring enough styling power on their own. This minimal look leans heavily into menswear staples that feature a classic style with ease. When choosing a minimal outfit, be sure to choose a standout item! The floral tie pops on this palette of solids. The key to winning the best look in the office doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep your looks simple and clean carried by a confidence that will only add to your styling prowess. The black and gray pairing will never go out of fashion and will always make a wearer look smart. Shop the items below.

Floral Tie


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June 13, 2018

Custom Silver Ties and Ladies Scarves

About a year ago we created some custom printed scarves in gold for the National Cheer Union. The customer was so happy with the design and quality of these scarves that they decided to create another design of ladies scarves and also matching men’s ties for 2018. Last year we created an all-over pattern in two antique gold hues, and this year the client was looking for a silver color palette. Below are some of the necktie design suggestions we created for this client for 2018:

custom silver logo neckties

The client liked design #1 the most and wanted us to also create a complimenting scarf design which is shown below:

custom silver logo ladies scarves

The client approved necktie and scarf to go into production. 30 days later production was completed and items arrived at the customer. Below are some more detailed photos of the actual neckties and matching ladies scarves:

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Need custom ties and scarves made? Then contact us and we would be happy to help create some initial design suggestions for you at no charge.

June 2, 2018

Custom Neckties and Bow Ties for HS Football Team

custom striped school mascot neckties bowties

We have been making custom ties for high school sports teams in almost any of the 50 states. We have made neckties and bow ties with mascots, custom logos, pantone color matching, and more. Recently we were contacted by a high school football team to create a set of custom neckties and matching bow ties in their school colors with an embroidered school logo added to it. Of course not a problem for us! Below is the first set of necktie and bow tie designs we created:

custom high school football bow tieshigh school mascot neckties custom design

The customer liked bowtie design #2 and necktie design #4 the most. After ensuring proper color match, we went into production. Below are photos of the final products that arrived just 30 days later.

custom striped mascot necktiescustom mascot logo bowties

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May 28, 2018

Custom Ties with GUAM Flag Print

Guam Print Flag neckties and bow ties

Recently we were contacted by a gift shop to create ties using the Guam flag as design inspiration. Our designers enjoyed the freedom the customer gave them to create lots of different and unique designs. Below are several sets of designs – each getting some tweaking after receiving some feedback from the customer

custom flag print neckties guam

Our customer liked design #4 the most on the 2nd row but wanted to see some different scales of the flag with different spacings. We created the following suggestions as the next step in our design process:

guam flag neckties

The customer liked #4 above the most but also wanted to see different background colors. Below are some examples using different shades of blue on the background:

Guam mens ties

Eventually we finalized the design with a cherry red background and a more organized horizontal flag pattern as shown below for necktie and bow tie:

guam necktie custom

After our customer signed off on the designs, we went into production. To ensure perfect color and design detail, we opted for a digitally printed fabric rather than a woven fabric. Below are the final products that arrived just 4 weeks later:

Guam mens ties printed

guam bow ties

Looking to get custom ties made? Then contact our custom ties team and we would he happy to help with free design mock ups.

May 20, 2018

Striped Ties and Scarves with South Vietnam Flag


We have made sets of custom men’s ties and matching ladies scarves in any imaginable design. One recent job that we wanted to showcase was from a customer looking to create a modern looking skinny tie and classic ladies scarf using the South Vietnam flag as inspiration. Below were our first design suggestions of the ties:


The customer liked design #2 and #3 the most. After some tweaking and confirming the exact yellow and red colors, we finalized the spec sheets for men’s ties and matching ladies scarves below:


38 days after going into production, the ties and scarves arrived at the customer. Below are a few additional photos of scarf and tie:


Looking to get custom ties or scarves made? Then contact our custom neckwear team and we would be happy to help with design mock-ups at no charge.


May 16, 2018

Summer Professional Wear Pyramid

Capsule Wardrobe: Menswear Essentials for Summer

We created a Winter Professional Pyramid for those interested in slimming down their wardrobe with only the essentials based on the capsule wardrobe idea. Before that, we put together a Summer Prep Pyramid. Now we’re here to offer a Summer Professional Pyramid for the working man who still wants to utilize mixing and matching with wardrobe staples.

1 Coat

We often forget about outerwear during the summer months due to heat. One thing to never be left without is a quality raincoat. A classic tan raincoat will keep you dry and stylish all season long.

2 Shoes

For a change from winter shoes, try out lighter colors. Keep brogues and loafers in the rotation.

3 Blazers

The key to summer blazers is lightweight material. Keep light gray, classic navy, and off-white jackets handy for the office and outdoor festivities.

4 Pants

Mix in lighter tones in dress pants like gray while also keeping classic navy handy. Invest in some chinos in tan and olive.

5 Shirts

Keep two to three solid dress shirts in your wardrobe while adding a few patterned options.

6 Neckties

Keep the patterns bright and fun! Summer is the time to try out a new style.

Light Blue Summer Stripe
Pink and Blue Gingham Check 
Sailboat Print Tie in Yellow
Grass Green Skinny Striped Tie
Knitted Silk Tie in Marine Blue
Cotton Bright Madras Tie

Follow our Spring + Summer Style Inspiration Pinterest Board for more!


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May 11, 2018

Custom Clip-On Ties for School Uniform

Occasional we receive requests from customers to add a custom logo to any of our in-stock designs. This was the case when we were contacted by a private school looking to add their logo to the following skinny regimental tie. They liked the classic navy and red design and repp texture but wanted to replace the crest on the tie with their ST|YV logo. Additionally they were looking to have these ties made into a clip-on tie, and wanted the tie to be made from a more stain resilient microfiber fabric. All this was no problem for us. Below are a few detailed photos of these custom clip-on ties.

custom repp striped logo neckties

The photo above shows the detailed logo embroidery added to this classic repp-texture tie. A truly classic design that is given a refreshed look thanks to the skinny cut of 2.75 inches.

custom repp striped logo skinny ties custom clip-on mens ties

The two photos above show the clip detail added to the back of the pre-tied knot. The clip lies hidden between the shirt collar – making the tie look just like any perfectly tied necktie while offering more convenience and a more uniform look.

Looking to get custom ties made? Then contact us today and we would be happy to assist with design mock ups.

May 5, 2018

Custom School Ties with Logo

custom school uniform boys ties

Recently we were contacted by the American Preparatory Academy to design some custom school uniform ties for their students. Since the ties had to fit a wide range of student heights, we created the same tie in several different lengths and coordinating widths. Once we clarified the preferred color palette and logo detail that needed to be added on the ties, we created this first set of design suggestions:

Custom school uniform logo neckties

The customer liked design #3 but then also wanted to see a simpler design in a two-tone palette with just the star logo. The customer wanted a golden-tan tie with navy starts as an all-over pattern. Once we finalized these two designs, we created the following samples before starting the bulk production:

Once the customer signed off on the physical samples, we went into bulk production. All ties arrived at the customer just 35 days later. Looking to get custom ties made for your school, company, for a special event, or perhaps fundraiser? Then contact us and we would be happy to help with the design at no charge.


April 24, 2018

Custom Ties for Veterans Organization


Recently we were contacted by a Veterans Organization to create a patriotic inspired necktie with an embroidered emblem on it. To start, our designer took a classic color palette from the American Flag and created several necktie designs that also included the embroidered Legion of Honor medal:

custom patriotic mens neckties

The customer liked design #4 the most but wanted the Legion of Honor medal to be visible when the jacket is closed similar to these custom ties we did for another client. Our designer moved up the embroidered emblem so that it will sit about 4-6 inches (depending on the wearers height and neck size) below the tie know. Below are a few more photos of the actual ties:

Looking to have custom ties made with your logos in any color and design? Then contact our design team and we would be happy to create some free mock ups as well as send you an exact price quote. We look forward to your reply

April 18, 2018

How To Put Your Best Pink Forward

How to Wear Pink in Summer: Textured Tie + Navy Suit

Summer is the time to bust out the pink accessories that have been collecting dust over winter. We love this look featuring our azalea pink textured necktie. Worn with dark navy blue, the pink stands out and truly make a statement. The pairing of different patterns with the windowpane suit and polka dot pocket square make for an eye-catching outfit even though only two colors are present. Make sure to pair a unique lapel pin to solidify your style. Shop the items below.

Navy windowpane suit
White dress shirt
Lapel Pin
Azalea pink necktie
Navy polka dot pocket square

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