Custom Gold and Black Logo Neckties

Custom Gold and Black Logo Ties
A classic striped tie in gold and black with client’s logo embroidered at the tip.

One of our recent new favorite custom ties we made for a client is this classic diagonal striped tie in gold and black with the client’s logo at the tip. To give the tie more texture and a more luxurious look, we opted for an intricate embroidery of this detailed logo instead of a simply print. Below is another look of the finished tie.

Custom Fraternity ties and scarves
A custom woven tie in 100% silk in client’s colors and with detailed embroidered logo at the tip.

Looking to see what we can do for you in terms of custom design ties and scarves? Then contact us and tell us what you are looking for. We will gladly assist with free design suggestions and can also send you free samples. We look forward to hearing from you.

Custom Self-Tied Double Sided Bow Ties

self-tied double sided logo bow ties custom
A custom double sided bow tie in self-tied style with customer logo imprint.

Not too long ago we created a double sided bow tie in blue and white with logos on each side. One of our customers saw this design and was inspired to create something similar for his own real estate company. The idea was to use the client’s gray and silver color palette and two different logos. After some design edits and revisions we created a design to our customer’s liking. Just 30 days later the bow ties arrived at the customer in southern California. Below are some more detailed photos of the finished custom made bow ties.

custom double sided logo bow ties
A self tied bow tie with two different sides allows for 4 different variations.
custom black logo bow ties self-tie
Above we tied this bow tie in reverse. The double sided style allows for four different ways to wear this bow tie.
self-tied bow tie with logo
Each bow tie came with a custom packaging that also contained detailed bow tie tying instructions.

Looking to have your own custom necktie, bow tie, scarf, or pocket square made? Then we can help not only with the production, but also with the designs. Simply contact us here, tell us what you are looking for and we will gladly make some free design suggestions for you.

Custom Men’s Pocket Squares and Ladies Scarves with Logo

A custom printed pocket square matched to client’s pantone colors with all-over logos.

Did you know that we don’t only make custom neckties and bow ties but also scarves and pocket squares using printed fabrics? Below is an example we made for a client who wanted custom pocket squares for men and matching ladies scarves for an upcoming trade show.

Oblong shaped ladies scarves matched to specific pantone colors with company logos
Oblong shaped ladies scarves matched to specific pantone colors with company logos
Custom printed pocket square for company trade show. Made to match company’s pantone color specs with all-over imprinted logos.

Looking to make your own scarves, pocket squares, and/or ties? Then we will gladly assist with free design work. Just tell us what you are looking for and we will get back to you within just one business days with a first set of initial design suggestions.

Black, Purple, and Silver Striped Logo Ties

A 3-colored striped tie with embroidered logo.

No matter your preferred color combination, we can create the perfect ties with your logo. Recently one of our customers wanted a purple, black, and silver striped tie with his logo embroidered. After a few design suggestions and a couple tweaks here and there, we following design was our customer’s final choice. Just 4 weeks after production starts the ties were delivered to the customer.

Classic striped tie in black, white, and purple with embroidered logo.

Looking to create a tie in your colors and with your logo? Then we will gladly assist with some initial design suggestions using stripes, checks, dots, paisley, and more. Contact our custom tie team for free design mock ups.

Custom Striped Ties with Embroidered Logo

custom tie in burgundy and gold with embroidered logo

Looking for a custom necktie that shows your logo even when worn with a buttoned up suit jacket? Then we can certainly help design the perfect ties with the logo placed just a few inches under the knot. Depending on logo detail we can either imprint or embroider the logo. Below is an example of a tie we made for a private school that opted for the embroidered logo option.

A classic striped tie in burgundy, vegas gold, and white with embroidered logo a few inches below the knot.

Here is another close-up look at the embroidered logo detail.

Embroidered logo detail on custom school uniform tie

Looking for more examples of custom ties with a single logo below the knot? Then here are some more recent examples:
Custom Black Ties with Embroidered Stags
Custom Ties for Veterans Organization

Looking to have custom ties made with your logo? Then contact our custom tie and scarf team and we will gladly assist with design work at no charge.

Black and Gold Custom Bow Tie with Woven Crests

custom bow tie packaging
Pre-tied bow ties with custom embroidered crests in gold on a repp texture black background. Also included were these gift boxes.

Pre-tied or self-tied that’s often the question clients ask when looking to get custom bow ties made. While we can certainly make both about 9/10 clients order the more convenient pre-tied bow ties. This was the case with this client who wanted a black bow tie that has their crest in gold embroidered throughout the tie.

Custom gold and black bow ties
Close up look of these custom bow ties in black and gold in pre-tied style. The collar band is adjustable up to neck size 20.

Looking for custom bow ties? Then let us help you with the design work at no cost. Contact us today and tell us what you had in mind and we will send you some free initial design suggestions within just 24 hours.

Custom Printed Men’s Neckties

custom printed neckties green red
Custom Printed Ties in bright lime green and bright red on microfiber twill fabric

While we produce dozens of new designs each day for a wide range of clients and occasions, we like to feature some of these designs here on our blog. The design shown here was made for a client looking for an all-over logo print on bright green and bright red. Because the print detail and colors had to be spot on, our client decided to get one off samples produced before the bulk production. Below is another close-up photo of these custom ties printed using a high res fabric printer on microfiber twill fabric.

custom printed neckties microfiber
Custom printed tie in bright green and red with all-over logo print.

Looking to have custom ties or scarves made? No matter the design, colors, or detail, we are confident that we can create the perfect neckwear for you. Contact us today for free initial design mock ups.

Custom Golf Club Neckties

custom country club repp stripe ties
Custom ties made from repp texture weave with embroidered logos.

A little over a year ago we made some custom neckties for a Golf College in Souther CA. Our customer liked these ties so much that they wanted to also offer this tie in a few more colors. Besides the crimson red ties we already made last year, our client also wanted this design in hunter green and classic navy. Below are also images of the new navy blue color we made for this client:

custom golf club country club neckties
Custom repp striped ties created for PGCC in Souther CA.

Looking to make custom ties for your club or team? The contact us today and we will gladly assist with free design work and even send free samples of different fabric options and finishes.

Custom Logo Print Pocket Squares

Custom printed pocket square in golden-amber and royal blue. Shown here with a modern “stair fold”.

We not only make neckties and bow ties but also women’s scarves and men’s pocket squares in a wide range of printed fabrics. Whether you want matching pocket squares to a custom tie we are already making, or simply want to create a custom pocket square design on its own, we can help! Recently one of our clients wanted a logo pocket square in amber-gold and royal blue. After several design revisions, the customer liked the style below the most which were printed using high res digital prints on satin microfiber fabric.

Custom printed pocket square. Pantone color matched and digitally printed on satin finish microfiber. Classic size of 12″ x 12″.

Looking for custom ties or pocket squares? Then contact us today and one of our design specialists will assist with free design work.

Custom Logo Ties in Hunter Green

Custom Ties for Canton High School

Recently we had the opportunity to create not just one, but three different yet complimenting designs Canton High School. Our client wanted a couple different versions using their signature hunter green, black, and white colors along with their Bulldog Mascot and logo. After several design suggestions and a couple edits, our client decided on the three designs above. Because of the detail on two of the designs, we decided to print those two, while the stripe design with single logo is made from a woven fabric. Below are a few larger photos of the final ties.

This design was made from a woven fabric with a ribbed texture running perpendicular to the diagonal stripes.
Because of the detail of the Bulldogs we decided to make this fabric from a digital printed microfiber.
The third design we made for this client consisted of a checkered pattern made up from mascot and logo. Because of the detail on the text within the logo we decided to make this fabric from a high res. digital print on microfiber fabric.

Looking to have custom ties made? Then we can certainly help with design work as well. Simply contact us and tell us what you are looking for and we will get back to you within one business day.