Custom Geometric Design Logo Ties with Metallic Gold Yarns

custom logo all over design neckties

For this week’s custom design feature, we chose an all-over logo pattern design we created for one of our clients in 3 different color/design variations. The customer wanted to use a black & silver, as well as a black & gold palette as well as an all-over logo pattern design. Below were some initial design mock ups we created for this client:

All over logo custom neckties

After some slight scale revisions the customer opted for a variation of design 2, 3, and 4 above. Furthermore for design 4 the client liked the idea of using a gold metallic yarn to create more sheen and sparkle. Below are more detailed photos for each of the ties.

Interested in getting a custom tie made using your logo and colors? Then we can help. Contact our design team and we will assist with free mock ups within 24-hours. No job is too big or too small for us! We look forward to hearing from you.


How To Mix and Match Winter Outfits

Men's Corduroy Pants for Winter


The best part of winter style is the mixing and matching of textures and fabrics. Tweed, wool, and corduroy make the rounds when the cooler months appear once again. The colors of winter can take on many tones but often can be interchanged for dynamic looks. With versatile colors and patterns, these jackets and trousers in tan, brown, and navy can all be worn together, creating nine different looks! Check out some of our most popular winter wool neckties below:

Wool Striped Skinny Tie in Dark Navy
Woven Wool Tie in Hazel Brown
Skinny Wool Tie in Chocolate and Navy
Herringbone Tie in Brown
Skinny Dogstooth Wool Brown Tie

For more Winter Style Inspiration, check out our Pinterest board!

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Custom Printed Self-Tied Bow Ties with All-Over Logo

custom self-tied bow ties

One of our customers contacted us to create another set of bow ties. The client wanted a white and blue color palette with their paw-print logo on it. After a few design suggestions using the custom’s input and feedback, the below design was finalized. Each tie was made in a self-tied style with adjustable neckband. Each bow tie also was made with a matching gift box that also includes some detailed bow tie tying instruction. Below are a few more photos of the final bow ties:

Looking to get custom ties made? Then we can help with the design as well at no additional charge. Contact our custom tie specialists today and we will get back to you within one business day. Usual production time is 30-45 days with a minimum order requirement of 30 pieces per design.

Custom Religious Themed Ties and Bow Ties

custom printed neckties and bow ties

Just last week we featured a custom  private label bow tie we made for another client who wanted his design made into bow ties. Today’s featured custom tie job is similar in a sense that the client sent us a photo of a tie they wanted made. Besides the necktie they also wanted matching pre-tied bow ties made. After some digital rendering our designers created and after a round of actual samples, we started production. Below are some more detailed photos of these religious themed neckties and bow ties:

custom religious themed necktieCustom religious bow tie

Looking to have custom ties made? Then we can help! We can add your design/artwork to any tie or can also help with design work at no additional charge. Contact us today and we will get back to you within one business day with pricing and current turn-around times.

Custom Self-Tied Bow Tie with Private Label

Custom self-tied logo bow ties

Do you have a skill for design and want to create ties with your artwork, pattern, or design on it? Then we can help. Share your vision with us and we can help make the ties you want in any fabric. Below is a recent example of a self-tied bow tie we made for another client. He sent us his design pattern and branding requirements and we handled production, quality control, and shipping.

custom blue and red all over pattern logo bow ties

As per customer spec, we added the brand label on the inner loop of the bow tie band. The band is also adjustable to accommodate a wide range of neck sizes:

custom private lablel bow ties

Below are two more photos of each bow tie (tied this time by one of our stylists). The actual bow ties were made untied and came with a gift box that also included bow tie tying instruction:

Looking to add your own design on a necktie,  bow tie, scarf, or pocket square? Then contact our custom tie team for more information, costs, sampling, and production time.

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Rugby Striped Ties with Embroidered Gold Logo

custom rugby striped ties

Recently we were contacted by the Society of American Registered Architects to create a tie with their logo on it. Initially our client wanted a blue and orange color palette, but he also liked one of our other recent custom tie designs. Below are a few initial designs we created for the client.

custom logo ties designs

After showing a few more design variations, the customer choose designs #1 above. Just 26 days after the start of production did the ties arrive at the customer location. Below is another detailed photo of the finished tie.

gold logo necktie custom


Casual Understated Holiday Style

Reindeer Necktie for Casual Stylish Holiday Look

Chambray Shirt
Reindeer Tie

Holiday style doesn’t have to stick with ugly sweaters and oversized red and green attire. Our collection of Christmas neckties offers style and class. This look is a great way to include a bit of festive holiday spirit without going overboard. A casual denim or chambray shirt will automatically bring your look to a certain level of casual. The weather-appropriate wool blazer in brown is a perfect choice for the winter holiday party. One of the classiest neckties in our holiday collection, this reindeer motif in blue and brown doesn’t initially strike you as a Christmas item. The small reindeer print makes it a great option for just a little bit of holiday cheer. Shop the items above!


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Custom Striped Ties with All-Over Logo Design

custom woven neckties with logos

We are excited to feature yet another recent custom production we created for a restaurant on the East coast. The customer was looking to create a royal blue and white tie with their logo on it. After several design rounds showing different all-over logo and single logo designs, the customer liked this simple striped tie with all-over logos the most. The ties were made from a woven fabric – showing a nice embroidered finish of the logos. Below are two more photos of the finished ties

custom royal blue logo necktieblue striped all-over logo neckties

Need custom ties or scarves made? Then we will gladly assist with free design work. Contact us today and one of our custom tie specialists will be in touch within one business day. Besides custom ties, we also offer custom ladies scarves, girl’s cross ties, pocket squares, and even vests.

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Ties with President Obama’s Face on It

We receive all kinds of custom tie requests. While most of our custom ties have a company logo on it, sometimes we get requests to create a custom tie with detailed artwork, photos, drawings, and paintings. This was the case when a customer wanted to make ties in either white or black with President Obama on it for a fundraiser. Below are some initial design suggestions we created for this client.

President obama necktie

The customer liked the simplicity of design #1 the most. After verifying scale and tie width we went into production. Just 30 days later the ties were completed. Below are some more detailed photos of the finished tie as well as a close-up look of the print detail.

Looking to have custom ties or scarves made? Then contact us today and we will gladly assist with free design work. Minimums are just 30 pieces per design.

2018 Men’s Stylish Holiday Gift Guide

Essential Christmas Men's Gift Guide

It’s time to start planning what to get all the stylish men in your life. With the holiday season around the corner, it’s never too early to get ahead of the curve and get gift shopping done. In need of some Christmas ideas? Finding items that are quality, versatile, and lasting will go a long way in the gift-giving world. If your giftee doesn’t get excited about being on the receiving end of clothes, try out a new experience like a monthly subscription service or a deeper look into their ancestry. Here is our list of must-have items for men this holiday season.

Cheese of the Month Club
23andMe Ancestry Test
Green Plaid Tie
Corduroy Shirt
Red Tartan Tie
Leather Shoe Kit
Wool Socks
Brown Leather Shoe


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