Custom Golf Club Neckties

custom country club repp stripe ties
Custom ties made from repp texture weave with embroidered logos.

A little over a year ago we made some custom neckties for a Golf College in Souther CA. Our customer liked these ties so much that they wanted to also offer this tie in a few more colors. Besides the crimson red ties we already made last year, our client also wanted this design in hunter green and classic navy. Below are also images of the new navy blue color we made for this client:

custom golf club country club neckties
Custom repp striped ties created for PGCC in Souther CA.

Looking to make custom ties for your club or team? The contact us today and we will gladly assist with free design work and even send free samples of different fabric options and finishes.

Custom Logo Print Pocket Squares

Custom printed pocket square in golden-amber and royal blue. Shown here with a modern “stair fold”.

We not only make neckties and bow ties but also women’s scarves and men’s pocket squares in a wide range of printed fabrics. Whether you want matching pocket squares to a custom tie we are already making, or simply want to create a custom pocket square design on its own, we can help! Recently one of our clients wanted a logo pocket square in amber-gold and royal blue. After several design revisions, the customer liked the style below the most which were printed using high res digital prints on satin microfiber fabric.

Custom printed pocket square. Pantone color matched and digitally printed on satin finish microfiber. Classic size of 12″ x 12″.

Looking for custom ties or pocket squares? Then contact us today and one of our design specialists will assist with free design work.

Custom Logo Ties in Hunter Green

Custom Ties for Canton High School

Recently we had the opportunity to create not just one, but three different yet complimenting designs Canton High School. Our client wanted a couple different versions using their signature hunter green, black, and white colors along with their Bulldog Mascot and logo. After several design suggestions and a couple edits, our client decided on the three designs above. Because of the detail on two of the designs, we decided to print those two, while the stripe design with single logo is made from a woven fabric. Below are a few larger photos of the final ties.

This design was made from a woven fabric with a ribbed texture running perpendicular to the diagonal stripes.
Because of the detail of the Bulldogs we decided to make this fabric from a digital printed microfiber.
The third design we made for this client consisted of a checkered pattern made up from mascot and logo. Because of the detail on the text within the logo we decided to make this fabric from a high res. digital print on microfiber fabric.

Looking to have custom ties made? Then we can certainly help with design work as well. Simply contact us and tell us what you are looking for and we will get back to you within one business day.

Custom Striped Ties for High School Track Team

track and field high school logo neckties

We have made custom ties for hundreds of high school all over the world. One of these recent jobs was for a High School track & field team. The client was looking to create a simple silver and cherry red striped tie with a light silver logo at the bottom. After some design mock ups and revisions our client chose this classic and timeless design below:

custom high school sports team neckties
Classic striped tie in silver and cherry red with single logo

Looking to have ties made for your team or high school? Then let us help with the design. Simply contact us, tell us what you are looking for, and we will send some free design mock ups in less than one day. Minimums are just 30 pieces with turn-around times as fast as 30 days.

Custom Ties for Private Jet Airline

Custom Ties for Private Jet Airlines uniform
Tie Collection Created for Private Jet Charter Airline

Since we started making custom ties over a decade ago, we have made custom ties and scarves for all size of airlines. Recently we had fun designing ties for a smaller private jet charter airline. The client wanted different designs for different job uniforms. Below are closer looks at the different ties we made for this client:

Custom Ties for Private Jet Airlines uniform
Classic silver and black striped tie with larger embroidered logo
silver striped logo tie design 2
Modern silver and black striped tie with embroidered logo
all over woven logo tie airline uniform
Woven all-over logo design in monochromatic royal blue
Classic royal blue and silver logo tie
logo ties for airline uniform attire
Royal blue and silver striped tie, 2nd design option

Looking to have ties and scarves made for your airline? Then contact us and we will gladly assist with all design work. Already have a design? Then we can take care of production, quality control, and distribution. Contact our custom tie and scarf team and we will respond within one business day.

Forest Green Striped Logo Neckties

custom logo striped neckties forest green

Recently we were contacted by a Catholic School to help create a necktie for their school uniform. The client wanted a single logo at the bottom of the tie and wanted a green and white color palette. The school colors were a forest green and white. After reviewing the logo and the colors colors we created some these initial design suggestions for our client:

Initial set of design suggestions

The client liked design 1 and design 4 above and asked us to combine “the best of both” into a single design. The client liked the stripes of design one but preferred the logo placement of design four. After finalizing this design and submitting for production, the final ties arrived just 4 weeks later. Below is another detailed photo of the final tie showing the embroidered detail of the logo.

Closer view of woven custom tie

Looking to create custom ties for your school, club, event, or organization? Then let us help you with free design work. Just contact us and tell us what you are looking for and we will work on free design mock ups within just one business day.

Custom Logo Bow Ties + Matching Women’s Scarves

custom logo mens bow tie and womens scarves
Custom Logo Bow Ties and Matching Women’s Scarves

We had lots of fun designing this set of men’s bow ties and matching ladies scarves. All colors had to match our client’s specific pantone colors. For the bow tie we opted for a woven fabric that has a nice depth and more of an embroidered look. The matching women’s scarves were made from a printed satin fabric that has a lighter weight and softer feel. Below are some more detailed photos of both bowtie and scarf:

men's logo bow ties custom design
logo pantone color matched ladies scarves

Looking to get custom ties made? Then let us help you with the design work. Contact us, tell us what you are looking for, and our designers will help create some design suggestions at no charge.

Wedding Guest Attire Inspiration

Men's Guide to Wedding Guest Attire

Wedding Guest Attire:

With wedding season only a few months away, it’s time to start planning! You’ll be seeing lots of family and friends at this year’s celebratory events. Once the RSVP has been returned, the next question is, “what to wear?” Weddings are a time to show off your good style, while not going overboard to take away from the bride and groom. The season, location, venue, and dress code will help narrow down choices exponentially. Here are five of the most popular wedding types and what men should wear as wedding guests.


Whether headed to a tropical destination wedding in Tulum, a Florida Keys resort, or a coastal New England ceremony, beach weddings are one of the most popular choices for brides and grooms. We get it! Warmth, a high percentage of good weather, bright colors, fun dresses, did we mention warmth? While we don’t recommend the short and sandal combo for the groom, beach weddings can offer an opportunity for working in some fun and trendy styles for not only the bridal party but also the guests! For the male guests, we recommend this combination – cream linen suit, festive floral shirt, essential pocket square, stylish loafers with no-show socks.


Rustic weddings share a large range of styles, trends, and locations. Typical rustic weddings go for the natural tones and textures. Wood, greenery, outdoor, barns, parks, campgrounds, you name it! While it’s up to the bride and groom to determine their own level of rustic-ness, a guest can easily find some middle ground to show off a little style. We recommend this combination – brown tweed or textured jacket, light gray chambray shirt, mustard yellow necktie, tan trousers, your most stylish brogue boots.


Black Tie:
The most formal weddings situated on an estate, ballroom, country club, or even a castle can only be met with one style of dress, black tie. The most simple, yet prestigious, of ensembles, the black tie dress code is a cinch for the male guests. Bust out (and dry clean) the tuxedo that’s been hanging in the closet and make sure it’s ready for the big event. A self-tied bow tie is a must for events like this. Google search a quick “how to tie a bow tie”, or just click here. We recommend this combination – black tuxedo, white tuxedo shirt, black self-tied bow tie, white pocket square, black formal shoes.


When we hear modern we think industrial spaces, geometric shapes, neon lights, copper tones, hipster vibes, either really bold colors or really minimal. Confused? Check out our Modern Wedding Pinterest board to get a better idea. Modern weddings can often be sleek, shiny, and nontraditional. So what’s a guest to wear? For the male modern wedding guest, a hip look is a must. We recommend this combination – red velvet jacket, white button up shirt (skip the tie), black skinny suit pants, and black loafers.


A desert wedding doesn’t only have to take place in a desert, though they often do. Desert inspired weddings use colors and textures found in the Southwest region of the US. What’s so special about this area? The vast landscape is met with incredible plants, formations, and colors. It’s hard to not be inspired. Whether you’re heading to Joshua Tree or not, a desert wedding theme offers many styling options for the guests. A slightly more casual vibe, some may even deem it boho, a male guest can accessorize in the right ways and keep his look simple. We recommend this combination – light gray chinos, white cotton shirt, suspenders, bolo tie, and brown Chelsea boots.


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How to Be The Most Stylish This Valentine’s Day

What To Wear This Valentine's Day

Black Self-Tied Bow Tie
Men’s Pink Blazer
Tan Trousers

To all the men planning a romantic evening for a special someone this year, we have the ultimate styling tip. Throw out the cheesy and loud red accessories and opt for a smooth and trendy look featuring a soft pink that is almost too good for Valentine’s Day. This subtle pink jacket is just the thing you need to improve your date night style. Pair this soft pink with a light tan trouser that will make your dark bow tie stand out! Check out all of our most stylish bow ties here.

Check out our Valentine’s Day Style Inspiration Board

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Purple, Black, and Gold Striped Logo Ties

custom logo neckties in black, gold, purple

Often times the most classic designs are the ones that stick out the most. That was the case with this striped tie in black, royal purple, and gold we made for Notre Dame Prep. The classic striped design we created was paired with an intricate textured repp weave. The detailed logo was embroidered using an intricate cross stitch – making it stand out from the textured background. Below is another photo of the tie:

Custom purple striped logo neckties

Looking to get a custom tie made? No matter your design wishes, we can help. Over the past years we have made custom logo ties in any pattern, color, and fabric. Even matching scarves for women are not a problem. Contact our custom tie team today and will get back to you with turn-around times and pricing.