Custom Masonic Ties

Custom Masonic Silk Neckties
A custom masonic tie featuring a single embroidered logo that is visible when worn with a buttoned up jacket.

Over the years we have made custom masonic ties for lodges all over the world. A few months ago we were contacted by a lodge in Newfoundland and Labrador to create an elegant silk tie in black, green, and yellow. The client wanted something classic and timeless looking. They also wanted their crest placed somewhere on the tie so that it is visible when worn with a buttoned up jacket. After some design suggestions of single logo and all-over logo designs, the client liked the final tie below the most.

custom masonic lodge logo ties
A timeless striped tie made from woven silk with a matte finish texture.
custom woven masonic logo mens ties
A close-up look at the embroidered logo detail on this custom masonic tie. The logo was woven directly into the fabric.

Looking to have custom ties, pocket squares or scarves made for your masonic lodge? Then we will gladly assist. Contact our custom design team and we will work on design mock-ups at no charge.

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