Custom Freemason Ties

Looking to get custom ties made for your Lodge? Then simply send a request HERE and we will be in touch within one business day.

Custom-Freemason-Lodge-NecktiesAbove is a recent example of a custom design we created for a Freemason Lodge in Pennsylvania. Our neckwear designer created a handful of different design suggestions for this Lodge. The one shown above was the design that was chosen and went into production. Click on the image for a closer look.


The design we did for the Lodge in Pensilvania was also adopted by a Freemason Lodge in Florida. The only difference: The customer wanted the the Masonic Square and Compasses to be slightly more predominant and larger in size. This certainly was no problem! The ties went into production and arrived 30 days later at the customer.

For more recent custom neckwear designs we created, please check out all other custom neckwear case studies here. Do you like to get a quote on your custom tie? Then please fill out our request form. We look forward hearing from you.

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  1. Like to see a tie with …..
    Liberty Lodge no.95 A.F&A.M est.1813
    And to see the price for them….

  2. Can you give me a quote for quantities of 100, 250 and 500 for this kind of necktie but have the Lodge name changed to “Victory Daylight Lodge #1778 est. 1978” with the bigger size of logo like in Pine Castle Lodge. Also, can you show me the proof for the same color in your website and another one with the black stripes replaced with GOLD? Thanks…

  3. I really like the custom ties you made for Pine Castle lodge. I would like to know what the pricing is for one that would be for our lodge. This would be a great gift or our members as we as for our visitors.

  4. I would like to order some ties for my officers and some of the brothers. I believe a total of 10 silver ties. Can you give me a price for all 10?

  5. Hi Hank,

    Thanks for your comment! We are able to produce custom designs with a minimum order of 50 pieces. Unfortunately we do not produce any smaller quantity.

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