Custom Self-Tied Double Sided Bow Ties

self-tied double sided logo bow ties custom
A custom double sided bow tie in self-tied style with customer logo imprint.

Not too long ago we created a double sided bow tie in blue and white with logos on each side. One of our customers saw this design and was inspired to create something similar for his own real estate company. The idea was to use the client’s gray and silver color palette and two different logos. After some design edits and revisions we created a design to our customer’s liking. Just 30 days later the bow ties arrived at the customer in southern California. Below are some more detailed photos of the finished custom made bow ties.

custom double sided logo bow ties
A self tied bow tie with two different sides allows for 4 different variations.
custom black logo bow ties self-tie
Above we tied this bow tie in reverse. The double sided style allows for four different ways to wear this bow tie.
self-tied bow tie with logo
Each bow tie came with a custom packaging that also contained detailed bow tie tying instructions.

Looking to have your own custom necktie, bow tie, scarf, or pocket square made? Then we can help not only with the production, but also with the designs. Simply contact us here, tell us what you are looking for and we will gladly make some free design suggestions for you.

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