Large Embroidered Logo Ties for High School Athletic Program

atheltic program custom logo ties

One of our long time customers, Torrey Pines High School, was looking to get another tie design make for next year’s lacrosse season. We have previously made ties for them. For the 2016 season we made custom striped and all-over patterned ties for them, and for 2017 we had designed a fun custom tie using lacrosse sticks to create a geometric check pattern.

For the 2018 season, the customer was looking to create a solid colored tie in their maroon and black hues with a large off-centered logo at the bottom. Below are the initial design mock ups we created:

lacrosse logo necktieslarge single logo neckties in black

No edits were needed to our design mock ups above and we went straight into production. 45 days later the ties arrived at the customer in southern California. Below are two more detailed images of the final ties:

maroon red logo necktieblack logo necktie

Looking to have a custom tie or scarf made? Then fill out this custom tie request form and we would be happy to assist with design and production.

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