July 31, 2012

Wall Street’ Gordon Gecko Fashion – Style Tips from Gordon Gecko

Wall Street’s Gordon Gecko is the Best Dressed Man in Film

It’s difficult to argue the importance of the original Wall Street, which many people consider to be one of the best films of the 1980s. While Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps wasn’t received with quite as much praise as its predecessor, the film remains an important part of the Wall Street saga, cementing Michael Douglas’ character as one of the most ruthless anti-heros to ever make his way into a film. On top of being a shrewd businessman, Douglas’ Gordon Gekko also happens to be exceptionally well-dressed, and his appearance is more than worth paying attention to for those who consider themselves to be fashion-forward. The following are just a few aspects of Gekko’s appearance that make him the best-dressed male film character of the past decade, all of which are worth taking into consideration when it comes to potentially influencing your own style.

Rich Suits
A huge part of Michael Douglas’ character’s appearance has to do with the fact that he wears some of the richest suits that money can buy. While far from being boxy, these suits also refrain from being too slim; Douglas’ character is all about “old money,” after all. What we applaud the most is the play of suit patterns, cuts, and styles. gordon-gecko-suits-fashion During the movie Mr Gecko spots dozens of completely different suit styles, that, although very different in itself, create a similar luxury/old-money look. From the flashy notched lapel pin-stripe double breasted suit, to the more sporty and casual tan “summer suit”, Gordon Gecko wears them all! Once again, well done Mr Gecko!

The character’s suits definitely give Gordon Gekko the “bluehair” appearance that the director was no doubt going for, making him appear as if he is simply made of money. It should come as no surprise that he sticks to a dark color scheme when it comes to the ties he chooses, also; navy blue ties can sometimes clash with similar-colored suits, but not in this case. There’s simply no color too rich for Gekko to wear, as this is the basis of what the character is all about.

Pinstriped Shirts
There’s no getting around the fact that contrast is extremely important if you’re going to be wearing rich colors. A lot of people don’t take this into consideration, and thus falter when trying to wear colors that they aren’t used to donning. This being said, a pinstripe shirt can be extremely effective when it comes to adding contrast to a navy blue suit, and this is exactly what Gordon Gekko does in order to streamline his appearance. Gekko wears white and blue pinstripe shirts that feature extremely stiff colors, serving as the perfect frame for the over-sized double Windsor knots he tends to lend to his ties. The result is an appearance that is elegant, rich and sophisticated; something that cannot be achieved without a piece like the pinstripe shirt to create contrast.

Pattern Play
When watching the movie you will quickly notice that Mr Gecko often wears a different pattern on each clothing piece – something that, if done incorrectly, can cause clashing. In Mr Gecko’s wardrobe “clashing” is a foreign word. Textbook-like, Mr Gecko pairs different sized patterns in one outfit. His wider pin-striped suits get paired with a fine stripe dress shirt, both of which are accented with larger scale paisley ties and check patterned pocket square. Once again, well done Mr Gecko!

Do’s and Don’ts for the Modern Man
If you’re looking to Gordon Gekko for fashion inspiration, there are a variety of things to think about. First, it’s important to discern whether or not rich colors like navy blue suits and purple paisley ties are right for you; pulling these types of suits and “loud ties” off takes a certain personality. Regardless, Gekko’s approach to adding contrast to his attire is something that just about anyone can benefit from, and is more than worth paying attention to for those who are new to fashion.

Accessorizing Mr Gecko Style
Rarely does Gordon Gecko keep his wardrobe to a simple “suit, shirt, tie look”. Instead he adds more personality and flash by wearing style pieces like color contrasting suspenders, uniquely elegant belts, tie bars, as well as (like you would expect from a flashy Wall Street broker) the “even for the Top 1% Expensive $50,000 wrist watch”. Our tip: Wear a wrist watch! It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to add “Gordon Gecko like” style.

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