April 2, 2012

Matching Cream and Off-White Dress Shirts

Guide to Cream & Other Off-White Dress Shirts

matching-cream-mens-dress-shirtsIt’s no secret that the white dress shirt is one of the most versatile pieces in men’s fashion. That said, a lot of guys take this concept a bit too far, and simply avoid branching out and trying out other options. The fact is, white can get rather stale when worn too often, and it’s important to mix things up in order to avoid becoming “humdrum” in the way that you dress. Cream and off-white are two excellent options for adding a slight twist to the white shirts that so many people find appealing, and are far more readily available than a lot of people realize. The following are just a few tips to help you switch things up and break away from the boring cycle of one white shirt after another.

Tweed is Always a Great Fit
The first thing that you should learn about cream and off-white shirts is just how effective they can be when worn with tweed. For whatever reason, cream and tweed go together hand-in-hand. Tweed often consists of earthy browns, greens and yellows, all of which sit quite nicely with cream and off-white colored shirts. You might want to consider layering a cream shirt underneath a tweed jacket, which will add a nice accent to your ensemble while still remaining subtle. Depending upon how far you want to go with this concept, you can tie things off either with a pair of tweed pants or simple khaki chinos. Experimentation is key to finding the look that you most identify with.

Cream can Add Warmth to Your Face
Men who have an extremely pale complexion often wonder what they might be able to do in order to divert attention away from this aspect of their appearance. The fact is, a lot of guys don’t realize that stark white shirts will actually reinforce the pale qualities of their skin, while cream can actually add quite a bit of warmth and color to one’s face when worn correctly. One of the best ways to take the focus off of a pale complexion is to combine a cream or off-white dress shirt with a pair of black slacks, which is perfect not only for a business-casual office environment, but for happy hour and other, similar events as well. Finish off the ensemble with a pair of shiny black dress shirts, which will pull eyes down towards your feet.

Choose a Tie Carefully
Cream shirts serve as the perfect backdrop for an attention-grabbing tie, but choosing the right tie isn’t always as easy as many people think. The most important thing you can take into consideration when searching for the tie that is right for you is to avoid those which feature any white or cream in them, as this can easily clash with a cream shirt and cause an unattractive disconnect. Stick to darker ties for contrast. While you don’t have to necessarily wear solid colored ties, ties with patterns should utilize only black. Fortunately, red, blue, green and just about any other primary color will work exceptionally well with cream shirts.

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