March 30, 2009

Jake Gyllenhaal: A Celebrity That Understands Black Tie

Jake Gyllenhaal Wearing Black Tie

It is nice to see that come celebrities understand classic black tie dress code. Jake Gyllenhaal shows that he knows what is meant by classic black tie: Black tuxedo jacket with so-called “Peak lapels”, a self tied black bow tie, a finely pleated tuxedo shirt, and black shirt studs – a truly classic black tie look.

Unfortunately not every celebrity understands this type of formal attire. It is not uncommon to see music artists adds their own interpretation on what is meant by black tie attire: Jackets are displayed in bright colors, shoes are come in a variety of exotic styles, the use of fur, and so on. Those are outfits that will definitely get attention, but also “butcher” the classic black tie look. The only time a white, or off-white jacket is acceptable is for so-called warm weather black tie.

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