Best Dressed at the Golden Globes – Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis – Brilliant in Burberry


Damian Lewis is one of the most beloved actors on television today, and for good reason! He’s a charismatic performer that most people can’t help but love to watch -who also happens to know how to look fashionable when playing a part. Lewis proved to the world that his fashion sense isn’t just an act at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. His red carpet style was nothing short of incredible, and made him stand out as one of the best-dressed men at the Golden Globes awards. Here are just a few aspects of Damian Lewis’ look at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards that made him the talk of the red carpet.

Burberry Tailoring
If you’re going to walk the red carpet, you’ve got to look your absolute best while doing so. Damian Lewis proved this to be true when he showed up wearing a Burberry ensemble that was nothing short of brilliant. Slim-fitting and perfectly tailored, Lewis’ outfit was one of the smartest looks at the awards. With sleek black shoes, a stark white dress shirt, matching pocket square and a fashionably large butterfly bow tie, Lewis simply couldn’t have looked better or more tailored in his picture perfect Burberry ensemble.

Smart Facial Hair
Facial hair is the kind of thing that either works for someone or absolutely doesn’t. Lewis took a smart approach to facial hair at the awards, and he really pulled it off. The modest, close-trimmed mustache and light beard perfectly matched his slim-fitting ensemble, resulting in a clean and sophisticated look that wasn’t without a touch of character. It doesn’t hurt to have a unique shade of red hair as Lewis does to add some color to a black and white ensemble.

Getting the Look
You’ve got to have a similar physique to Lewis if you want to get his look from the 2013 Golden Globes. After all, not everyone can pull off a slim-fit Burberry jacket the way he did. If you have a lean frame, shop for designers that specialize in slim (aka European) cut, modern tailoring. You’ll do especially well if you have a similar hair color! Be sure to also keep your facial hair trimmed in a neat, clean fashion the way Lewis did for the awards. There’s a razor thin line between unruly scruff and designer facial hair.

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