Pocket Squares

Find the perfect matching pocket square. At Cheap-Neckties.com we categorized our pocket squares into two groups: Solid colored pocket squares and pocket squares with patterns such as stripes, foulards, checks, polka dots, paisleys, and more. Click below to see the entire collection of each category.

How to Match a Pocket Square

Initially pocket squares were only popular in Europe and the US. Nowadays pocket squares have been adapted almost anywhere in the world. Even though the look of the pocket square is well accepted and well liked almost anywhere in the world, it is good to know what occasion is best suited for wearing a pocket square.

Pocket squares are most common in formal men’s attire such as black tie events. The traditional "black tie" look consists of a black tuxedo jacket, black tuxedo pants, a white tuxedo jacket, black bow tie, cufflinks, nicely polished black shoes, a black belt or cummerbund, a black vest, black bow tie, and a white pocket square. During warm weather events the black jacket often times gets changed to a white one. In this event it is also quite popular to wear a black pocket square to add contrast.

You do not need to wear a tuxedo with a pocket square. Even business attire consisting of classic suit and tie will look great with a pocket square. In this case choose more color for your pocket square and stay away from the formal colors: Black and White. Although it is popular to wear a pocket square in matching colors to your necktie, it is not a must. If careful, you can show different colors and even patterns. Another thing to keep in mind is how to fold the pocket square when matching it to business attire. A very popular and much less formal look is the "puff look". Simply lay the pocket square flat, pinch the center with your fingers, and lift it up. The part that you are now holding in your hands gets carefully stuffed into your jacket’s pockets, so that all four corners of the pocket square stick out, and give it the so called "Puff" look. For an overview of all popular pocket square folds we invite you to our tutorial on: How to Fold a Pocket Square

Besides considering the occasion when deciding whether or not to wear pocket squares, your age, and your culture are also things to consider. Pocket squares are typically more suited for mature and older men.

Selection of pocket squares in solid color and with patterns. Cheap-Neckties.com selection of pocket squares. All pocket squares are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

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