July 22, 2017

Custom Veterans Necktie

custom logo neck tie

When Tom contacted us to create custom ties for a veterans organization, we were excited to help with design and production. The customer wanted the colors red, yellow, and royal blue. He also wanted the copper colored logo embroidered. Our designers created the following four suggestions for him:


custom logo veterans necktie

The customer liked design #4 but wanted the logo to be larger and centered on the tie. Of course making these edits was no problem. After 6 weeks the ties arrived. Below is another detailed photo of the final tie.

Copper Logo Necktie Custom


July 19, 2017

Custom Neckwear For Hotels, Catering, and Restaurants

Looking to find affordable custom neckwear made for your catering company, hotel, restaurant, or hospitality service? We at Cheap-Neckties are experts when it comes to producing quality neckties, bow ties, scarves, and more at fair prices. An industry where custom wear is common is the hospitality business. Outfitting a staff of servers or attendants can be overwhelming. Let us create a unique item perfect for your business! Whether you desire conservative and standard or vintage and eccentric, our in-house designer will bring your vision to life. With the ability to match pantone colors and replicate items, there’s nothing we can’t create!

Check out a few of our recent custom projects for hotels, restaurants, or serving staff below. Click on each image to see more of each client’s designing process.


  • Custom Server Neckwear


Our typical turnout around time is 60 – 90 days with a rush option of 30 days. We require a minimum order of 50 pieces to place a custom order.

Contact us today!

See all of our Custom Case Studies



July 16, 2017

Custom Ties for High School Althetics

high school athletic necktie

We quite regularly make custom ties that are part of a school uniform or athletic program. One of such recent custom requests came from Joshua High School in Texas. They were looking for a classic striped design using their royal blue color as well as their school’s logo – an easy talks for our designers. Below are some design suggestions we created for the client:

custom logo high school ties

The four designs above were initial design suggestions we made for the client. Option “B” is adding the embroidered logo on the back of the tie which adds interesting detail which some clients really like. Our client chose design #4 without adding the logo on the back. After creating a more detailed design spec sheet for this tie choice, we started the production of a sample. Once the sample was approved by our client we continued with bulk production. All ties were delivered to our client within 40 days. Below is another detailed photo of the actual tie:

custom striped high school logo necktie

July 13, 2017

Custom Ties for City of Seaside

custom seahorse logo ties

We often get contacted by municipalities and government agencies to create custom uniform ties and scarves. About 2 months ago we were contacted by the city of Seaside in CA to create custom ties for a special event using their logo. After taking a closer look at the logo as well as their website and branding, our design team created the following initial suggestions:

SeasideCalifornia_Neckties (1)
Our client liked the initial design suggestions but preferred a darker background color. After talking with our client on the phone about his revision requests we eventually finalized the design as follows:
seahorse logo necktie
The client needed these ties within a very short time frame for a special event. We immediately started production and after just 24 days the ties arrived. Below are some more detailed photos of the tie and the fabric:

July 11, 2017

Menswear Giveaway: Cheap-Neckties, Tightwad Gear, & Freyrs Eyewear


Cheap-Neckties has partnered with Freyrs Eyewear and Tightwad Gear to bring you a collaborative menswear giveaway! Enter your email above to be included in the giveaway. Share the post and like the brands to receive more entries!

One winner will receive $100 to each store. Prize valued at $300. 

UPDATE – Congratulations to our winner, Anita K. Thank you to all who participated!



Let’s meet our giveaway guests!

Freyrs Eyewear:
FREYRS Sunglasses offer stylish and quality sunglasses at affordable prices. Designed in Chicago.

Tightwad Gear:
Creators of a money clip that is super flat on the money and much thinner than a wallet and hardly noticeable in your pocket. It’s a simple design that is easy to use and creates one of the thinnest ways in the world to carry your stuff.

Smart business wear with a mission to help men dress better without breaking the bank. From traditional styles to trendy menswear items, a wardrobe upgrade is easily feasible with Cheap-Neckties.


The winner will be contacted at the end of the giveaway. Good luck!

July 10, 2017

Custom Logo Ties in Gold and Red

Gold and Red Striped Logo Necktie

Gold is always a tricky color when it comes to woven fabrics. While we have done custom ties with metallic gold logos, this customer wanted a more tan colored gold that doesn’t have any metallic sparkle. After reviewing the customer’s logo and color requirments, we created the following digital design mock ups:

Striped Ties with Custom Gold Logo Embroidered

Our customer liked design #4. Since these ties were needed very urgently for fathers day, we immediately went into production. Just 23 days after the order was submitted for production did out customer receive his ties. Below is another close-up photo of the finished custom tie:

custom striped logo tie in gold and bright red


July 8, 2017

Ties with Large Imprinted Custom Texts

custom printed text mens ties

Recently we were contacted by an interior design group who are re-branding a Hotel in Iowa. They were looking to use a custom printed tie as a do not disturb sign. Being designers themselves, our customer already had a strong idea on patterns and colors. Working together with our customer, our fabric designers created the following four design suggestions:

custom logo neckties printed text

The customer liked the first three but also asked if we could add a custom “tie keeper” on the bag of the tie with the Hotel’s information. Of course, this wasn’t a problem:

custom tag neckties tie keeper loop

Just 10 days after submitting for production, we received physical samples for each of the ties including the custom tie keeper. Below are actual images of these 3 ties. To show them as future door hangers, we took some photos in front of our filing cabinets.

custom printed text necktie



July 5, 2017

Menswear Color Of The Month: Power Red

Each month we will be featuring a Color of the Month! We are often inspired by trending colors and want to share our love for the complexity within each hue. We hope that by submerging into the the color wheel, our customers’ knowledge will expand as we feature distinct, noteworthy items. Let us know your color requests in the comments below!


Find Neckties and Bow Ties For Sale in Power Red

Our featured menswear color for July is Power Red! A must have accessory for any business man. The strong color exudes a bold, powerful presence, hence the name. This is why we see many politicians, CEOs, and men on Wall Street wearing this iconic color. It demands respect! While not all red ties are equal (see our Worst Dressed Politicians list), we’ve found some of the best in our inventory! The best way to make these neckties pop? Wear a red neckwear accessory with a dark suit in black or navy and a white dress shirt.

  • Mens Bow Tie in Self Tie Style in Red



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July 3, 2017

Custom Ties with Embroidered High School Mascot

We frequently work with schools to create ties for their school uniforms. In the past we have created custom cross ties, custom girl’s scarves, custom ties for high school sports teams, and much more. Below is another custom tie we recently made for Brookings High School in Oregon. The customer wanted a striped design and incorporate their shades of blue and golden-yellow along with their mascot logo. After talking to our client and consulting them on some design ideas, below is the first set of designs we created for them:

custom school mascot neckties

The client liked the clean and simple look of design #5 but chose not to embroider the log on the backside (option B). Below is the detailed design spec sheet of the chosen design along with the exact color specification and tie width:

custom striped school mascot ties

Less than 30 days after the order was confirmed, the final ties arrived at our warehouse in San Francisco. After a final quality check we forwarded the entire shipment to our customer in Oregon. Below is a photo of the finished tie:

custom striped school uniform ties

June 30, 2017

Striped Logo Neckties

Farm Bureau Neckties

Another recent custom logo tie we made was commissioned by Tennessee based Farm Bureau. The customer was looking for a tie in bright red, black, and white. A simple logo needed to be embroidered on the front of the tie. Once we got these design requirements from our customer, our designer created these design suggestions:

Red striped logo Neckties

The customer chose design #4 without requiring further edits. We quickly went into production and the final ties were completed within just 25 days. Below is another photo of the final tie:

Red logo ties

If you are interested in getting custom neckties, bow ties, or scarves made for your organization or group, then let us help design and make them for you. Contact us via THIS LINK and one of our designers will get back to you within one business day.