May 2, 2016

Matching Custom Ties and Bows


When we were contacted by Park Ridge High School in New Jersey to create some custom matching neckties and bow ties using their  school colors and Mascot, we were excited about this design opportunity. Since designing a bow tie is a bit more challenging due having less fabric available which makes the right scale a bit more difficult, our designer first created some bow tie suggestions for our client:


After the client choose design #1 as their favorite, we create the complimenting necktie. The customer chose to have a standard sized self-tied necktie, although shorter kids ties, skinny ties, XL length, as well as clip-ons and zipper ties are options.

Mascot School Neckties

Once all digital designs were approved we started the production. Below are actual photos of the finished bow ties and neckties which arrived just 30 days later.

custom mascot bow tie

custom mascot woven necktie

If your company or organization is looking to get custom neckties, scarves, or bow ties made, then let us help you with the project. Get started by filling out this CONTACT FORM and tell us a bit more what you are looking for. We look forward hearing from you.

Your Custom Team

April 28, 2016

Spring’s Dream Team – Pink and Navy

Skinny Navy Knit Tie and Pink Oxford

Pink Oxford Shirt 

Navy Knit Tie 


Black Oxfords 

Pretty In Pink  (And Navy)

Meet this season’s dream team: the pink oxford button down and the quintessential navy knit tie. This invigorating combo is pure perfection when it comes to a chic, casual getup with a grown up charm.  Feel like a fashion rebel by pairing a well ironed oxford with a pair of destructed jeans and a knit tie.  No matter your personal style, this look allows you to pair up your most loved and broken in denim jeans and still look  modern, refreshed and refined.

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April 17, 2016

Custom Ties for High School Pipe Band

We recently had the pleasure to help create a custom necktie for a Pipe Band in Arizona. The tie was part of the band’s uniform during a concert tour throughout Europe. This meant that a hard deadline had to be met that was only 35 days out from the day we initially got the request. After reviewing the logo, colors, and listening to what the customer had in mind, our designer created this first set of options:

Pipe- Band-Necktie-Designs

It turned out that the customer had something slightly different in mind than what we initially designed above. We went back to the drawing board and, after a few edits, found a design that the customer had envisioned:


Because of the tight deadline, which was now just 26 days away, we submitted the job to production without a physical swatch to be made. 18 days later all ties were completed and overnighted to the customer. Here is a detailed photo of the final tie:


Looking to get custom neckwear made? Whatever you had envisioned, we are confident that we can create any custom tie, scarf, or bow tie. Simply send us a request via our custom tie page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Your Custom Tie Team

April 14, 2016

Dive Into Spring in a Palette of Yellows


Men's Fashion Pieces in Yellow



Yellow Knit Tie 

Yellow Oxford Shirt 

Yellow Sneakers


Plaid Pocket Square

Yellow Sweater

Yellow Bow Tie

Polka Dot Pocket Square 

Yellow Socks 

Nylon Windbreaker 

Spring has Sprung and it’s time to say Hello to Yellow. There’s nothing quite as paramount as color when it comes to fashion.  This enthusiastically fun color commands attention and elevates your style to the next level. From any spectrum, light to bright, yellow is a color that epitomizes spring style.  We love it paired with navy blues, denims and classic bright whites.  Be sure to check out our extensive collection of yellow neckties.

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April 5, 2016

Get The Look: Statement Spring Sportscoat

Menswear Spring Style

Cotton Pants

Denim Shirt

Knit Tie


New Season, New Rules. Spring is officially in full swing and fashion trends are blossoming. We’re seeing a winning Spring duo of plaids and knits.  We love this featured look that inventively pairs a denim shirt, a knit tie, chinos and a statement blazer. Investing in a statement spring blazer can exponentially improve your aesthetic. You can pair with a trousers and a silk tie for a jazzed up dressy look or wear it with a knit tie for a casual cool look. The secret to menswear, is great accessorizing and purchasing key seasonal pieces.

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March 28, 2016

Custom Skinny Ties for Phi Chi Theta Fraternity

Custom NEcktie Crest
A few weeks ago we were contacted by the Phi Theta Chi in Davis, CA to help them create custom neckwear for their fraternity. The customer wanted something modern that represented their fraternity’s identity. This means that the colors had to be purple, gold, and black, and the tie had to have the fraternity crest embroidered on it as well. After reviewing the requirements our designer created a first set of options for this customer which are shown below:
Custom Fraternity Crested Ties

The customer liked option #1 and no further design edits were needed. The customer also decided not to add the optional embroidered crest on the back of the tie (shown above). After getting approval for design #1 above, we created the detailed spec sheet. To create a more contemporary look, the cut was made a bit thinner, measuring 2.75″ (7cm):


About 10 days after the design was submitted for production, we shared the woven fabric sample shown below with the customer. Please note that the fabric will eventually be cut at a 45 degree angle to create the neckties.


After the customer approved the colors and detail, we continued with the bulk production. Here are some detailed pictures of the final ties. We met the customer’s deadline without a problem, and all the ties were received 34 days after the order had been placed.


Looking to get custom ties or scarves made for a special event or as part of a uniform? Then fill out our custom tie request form and tell us what you are looking for. We respond to all custom tie request within 24 hours.

Your Custom Neckwear Team

March 22, 2016

NEW Medallion Prints


The classic medallion print is back in style! Originally a neckwear pattern from the 1920s and 30s, this bold geometric print has started to see a resurgence in popularity. Although quite bold, it is a pattern that pairs nicely with all your suits and shirts. That being said, all you need for a business wardrobe make-over are a few new of these handsome medallion prints. Pair them with your favorite light blue shirts – either solid or classic vertical stripes – and you are ready to get business done. Each tie is handmade from finest silk twill, and this collection is available in these 8 color combinations. Click on your favorite for more information:

Dark Navy and Cream Medallion Print Tie Sky Blue Medallion Print Tie Medallion Print Tie in Vintage Orange Medalion Print Tie in Teal and Orange Medallion Prints on Pure Silk in Blue and Cream Cream Color Medallion Print Silk Tie Medallion Print Tie in Dark Blue and Burgundy Medallion Prints in Cream on Wine

March 10, 2016

Ten St. Patrick’s Day Menswear Picks

St. Patrick's Day Accessories in Green

Foulard Tie in Green 

Plaid Pocket Square

Green Beanie 


Tie Bar


Patterned Silk Scarf in Green  




This 10 piece collection of menswear pieces in shades of green is inspired by St. Patrick’s Day.  Go green with this handsome assortment of stylish pieces that look great all year but especially shine on St. Patrick’s Day. Green is a statement hue that works well with a broad range of menswear colors ranging from summer tans to winter charcoals. Invest in any and all of these green menswear pieces to add Irish approved oomph.

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March 1, 2016

Custom Matching Scarves in 100% Silk

Looking to outfit your group or organization with matching ties for the men and scarves for the women? While we can certainly produce matching custom ties and scarves, perhaps you already found a necktie from our in-stock assortment that is available for immediate shipping? If that is the case, then we can certainly produce a matching women’s scarf to this tie for you.

This is exactly what BTG, a global biotech company, was interested in. They found the perfect woven silk tie on our site (see photo below), but then needed a matching women’s scarf made. No problem!
navy sangrai pink striped tie

After matching pantone numbers of the woven tie to the dyes used printing the silk scarves, we created a couple different design suggestions for our client. Eventually the client choose a pattern almost identical to the tie. The image on the left shows the digital design that we made for the client. The image on the right shows the finished scarf that arrived just 25 days after the order was submitted. Click on each of the images to see a detailed look.
Custom printed silk scarfCustom Printed Womens Silk Scarf

Looking to get custom neckwear made for your group? Then contact us via our custom tie page and we will be happy to create some design suggestions using your colors and logo at no charge.

Custom Ties for Freemasons
Custom Ties and Scarves for Sunlight Services INC

Your Custom Neckwear Team

February 17, 2016

Custom Ties and Scarves for Daemen College



Looking to get custom ties made for your school? Be it for your school’s sports team, your alumni, for a school uniform, or part of a fundraiser, we have created custom neckwear for hundreds of schools for a wide range of functions. While most of the custom school neckwear we create are neckties and the occasional cross ties for girls, we were recently contacted by the Daemon college in NY to help create custom men’s ties and matching women’s scarves for a special event.

After reviewing the school’s logo and colors, our designers first created a few initial necktie suggestions which we shared with our customer. After getting some initial feedback, we had a better idea what look and feel the customer had in mind for the event. Below are the first 5 designs we created (click on image for closer view):


From the initial designs above our customer requested a few edits. Eventually the following necktie design was chosen:



Once the tie design was confirmed, we created a few complimenting scarf suggestions:


Because the customer needed these ties and scarves in hand within 28 days, we immediately created the fabrics. Because time was at an essence, there wasn’t enough time for physical swatches. Instead we shared the following photos with the customer for approval. As shown in the photos below, the neckties were made from a woven fabric, giving the logo a classy embroidered look. The scarves on the other hand were made from a silk screen print fabric allowing for a thinner and more comfortable fabric typical for fine silk scarves.


Our customer liked the photos and we went straight into production to meet the tight 28-day deadline. Within 2 weeks all ties and scarves arrived at the customer in New York. From the day the order was submitted to the day all pieces were received a mere 23 days have passed.

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