January 17, 2018

NEW Skinny Necktie Collections: Stripes, Dots, Butterflies

Mens New Collection - Striped Silk Ties in 5 Colors

We’re ringing in January with a plethora of new necktie collections! Each year we update our inventory with hundreds of new designs and 2018 is starting off strong. These collections each feature a skinny width around three inches. Each group displays a unique pattern and color schemes with a distinguished quality. The polka dot collection features a silk/linen blended fabric perfect for spring and summer with its pastel tones. The next collection is a moody floral design available in three dark colors of burgundy, eggplant, and navy. The striped silk neckties come in next with their boisterous colors and herringbone design perfect for any season and versatilely paired. Lastly we have a unique butterfly design printed onto a skinny silk tie. Shop all the items below.


  • Denim Blue Linen Mens Necktie
  • Striped Silk Necktie in Red, Silver, Lavender


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January 16, 2018

Custom Printed Silk Scarves and Woven Silk Ties

custom womens scarves and logo necktiesQuite often we get requests to produce custom neckties with complimenting women’s scarves. What makes these projects interesting for us is to ensure a proper color match of the different fabrics. The ties are typically made from a woven fabric – ensuring a luxurious feel and superior embroidered logo detail when compared to printing the design. The scarves on the other hand need to be made from a printed fabric which is more delicate, softer to the touch, and more comfortable to wear.

Below are the recent spec sheets for a custom silk tie and matching scarves we created for a client:

custom silk neckties with logo

custom printed silk scarves

custom print womens neck scarf in silk with logo

Our customer choose the 1st tie design and the 2nd scarf design. The tie also had a custom tag added to the back as shown on the design spec sheet. The finished product arrived 29 days later. Below is another close up photo of scarf and tie.

custom woven logo silk necktiescustom printed silk womens logo scarves

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January 12, 2018

White Custom Printed Skinny Ties

Custom printed skinny ties in white and pink

Last year we made a special production of white custom skinny logo ties for “Girls Night Out – The Show”, and while these ties were a big hit, our customer was looking to change up the design slightly to incorporate a more detailed logo. The skinny width and bright white background color remained unchanged. Our designer created the following digital mock up that our customer liked and approved to be submitted for production.

custom skinny logo neckties

To ensure exact color match and correct pink color grading, we decided to digitally imprint the white fabric before cutting it, and then sewing it into the finished skinny ties. About a month after submitting this design for production, the ties arrived at our warehouse. Below is another detailed photo of the finished ties:

custom design skinny logo mens ties

Looking to create a custom necktie or bow tie? Then contact us and tell us what you have in mind and we would be happy to help with the design at no charge. Custom tie prices start at just $5.95 with a minimum quantity requirement of 50 pieces per design. We look forward to hearing from you.


January 10, 2018

Custom Bow Ties and Gift Box Sets

custom bow tie gift box sets

It is always fun when a client is looking for an unusual design and packaging. This was the case when a branding and promotional products company contacted us to create some custom adult and kids bow ties for the TV show “Young Sheldon”. Because these bow ties are going to be handed out at a party, high quality packaging and proper branding was very important to the client.

We not only created the bow ties in adult and kids sizes, but also helped with the custom packaging as well as custom labeling and branding. The client already had 3 patterns created which they wanted to be made into bow ties. Blow are the detailed spec sheets we set up of each of these designs: custom cotton printed bow tiescustom cotton pretied bow tiescustom cotton pretied bow ties

Besides these bow ties, we created some custom packaging options. The customer eventually decided on sturdy cardboard drawer type of box with laser cut out as well as colored embossing. Below is the detailed spec sheet of the box:

custom bow tie boxes

Since some of the bow ties were made in youth sizes (ages 4-8), we added stickers on the back of those boxes:

custom kids bow tie boxes

After a round of actual product and box sampling to ensure proper branding and pantone color matching, we continued with the bulk production. Below are more detailed photos of the actual bow ties and gift boxes.

bow ties with custom boxes

custom kids bow ties prettiedcustom cotton bow tie printcustom young sheldon bow ties

custom brand tags for custom bow tiescustom bow tie box drawers

Looking to get custom bow ties made? Then contact us and our design team would be happy to create whatever you had envisioned. We created custom mock ups at no charge!

January 4, 2018

Popular Winter Tones: Textured Solid Neckties

Experiencing a case of the winter blues? Don’t let the gray skies get you down. Winter tones display some of the richest and warmest hues within the color wheel. From deep purple, forest green, burgundy, or navy blue, we’ve chosen popular neckties in our shiny textured micro check collection to feature within this winter collection. For the colder months, work in defining textures such as wool and tweed. Make the most of the next few months by bumping up your winter style! Shop the items below.

Textured Shiny Solid Mens Necktie in Purple Textured Shiny Solid Mens Necktie in Jet Black


Textured Shiny Solid Mens Necktie in Dark Green Textured Shiny Mens Necktie in Brown Textured Shiny Mens Necktie in MarsalaTextured Shiny Solid Mens Necktie in Navy

December 28, 2017

Custom Repp Stripe Logo Ties

custom logo mens ties

See a design that you like on our site but want your logo added? Then not a problem at all. This is what one of our clients requested who liked the following bright yellow, blue, and white striped tie, but also wanted the wording “CLAM” added towards the bottom of the tie. After creating a handful of different logo placements and scale suggestions, our client chose the following design:

repp striped necktie with custom logo

After submitting this order for production, the ties arrived just 32 days later at our client in Los Angeles. Below is another detailed photo of the tie:

Looking to get a custom logo tie made? Then contact us today and we would be happy to assist with design and production.

December 27, 2017

Custom Logo Ties for HS Soccer Team

dolphin logo neckties

It is always fun when customers want an intricate logo added to a necktie. The array of colors and detail gives our designers a wide range of design options. When a High School soccer team contacted us to get custom ties made using their intricate logo consisting a dolphin and two letters, we were excited to create the following design suggestions below:

Dolphin logo neckties custom

The customer liked option #2 above the most. Since no further edits were needed, we created the detailed spec sheet for the customer to approve:

custom logo necktie spec sheet

No other edits were needed and all colors were paired to the clients pantone colors. We went into production, and 30 days later the ties arrived at the customer in souther California. Below is another detailed look of both fabric as well as the finished necktie:

custom necktie fabric swatchcustom necktie soccer club logo

December 20, 2017

Get The Look: Casual Holiday Outfit For Men

Dress Up For the Holiday with this Inspirational Mens Look

Get your holiday style in ship shape with this inspirational and cozy outfit! The use of red and green make this a perfect choice for any family get together or casual office party. The layer and necktie in gray make for some subtle Christmas cheer without overdoing it. The woven gray skinny necktie and cardigan will give your look the extra texture it needs to create a memorable mens outfit for the holidays. Shop the items below.

Gray Sweater
Green and Blue Plaid Shirt
Gray Skinny Necktie
Red Tie Bar

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December 18, 2017

Large Embroidered Logo Ties for High School Athletic Program

atheltic program custom logo ties

One of our long time customers, Torrey Pines High School, was looking to get another tie design make for next year’s lacrosse season. We have previously made ties for them. For the 2016 season we made custom striped and all-over patterned ties for them, and for 2017 we had designed a fun custom tie using lacrosse sticks to create a geometric check pattern.

For the 2018 season, the customer was looking to create a solid colored tie in their maroon and black hues with a large off-centered logo at the bottom. Below are the initial design mock ups we created:

lacrosse logo necktieslarge single logo neckties in black

No edits were needed to our design mock ups above and we went straight into production. 45 days later the ties arrived at the customer in southern California. Below are two more detailed images of the final ties:

maroon red logo necktieblack logo necktie

Looking to have a custom tie or scarf made? Then fill out this custom tie request form and we would be happy to assist with design and production.

December 12, 2017

Custom Purple Ties with Gold Logo

custom purple neckties with gold logo

Sometimes the easiest designs are the ones that are most difficult to make. This is often times the case with a logo in gold color on a solid colored background. While we have done lots of custom logo ties in gold, this recent job was unique because the customer wanted an all-over logo pattern woven into the purple fabric. Using the customer’s input, we put together the following spec sheet:

custom woven gold logo tie

The customer approved the design and we started the production run. 14 days later we completed weaving the fabrics. Below is a close-up photo of the woven fabric:

gold logo woven tie fabrics

No further edits were needed and we continued with the production run. 2 weeks later the ties arrived at the customer. Below is another photo of the finished tie:

custom purple necktie

Looking to make your own custom ties? Then contact us and we would be happy to assist with the design process at no charge.