February 9, 2016

Get The Look – Chambray Shirt + Wool Tie

Striped Wool Tie and Blazer


Chambray Shirt

Striped Wool Tie

Brass Color Tie Bar

Paisley Pocket Square 

Savvy up your button down shirts with this week’s featured Get The Look that cleverly pairs a dark chambray button down shirt with a patterned blazer, striped wool tie, bronze tie bar and paisley pocket square.This handsome combination of menswear pieces sings with charm.  Impress coworkers and push the boundaries of work professional attire.

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February 3, 2016

Custom Printed Ties and Scarves for Sunlight Services

When the company president of Sunlight Services Inc. contacted us to created scarves and neckties for their ground support team at O’Hare International Airport, we immediately had some ideas how to incorporate their colors and logo in a classy accessory for both men and women. Our design team created a handful of digital designs for both neckties and women’s scarves. Sunlight services eventually choose the following two as their favorite (click on image for closer look):


Because colors on both scarf and necktie had to match specific pantone color numbers, we first created a swatch that was sent to the customer within 2 weeks. Upon reviewing the colors, fabric, and quality, our customer was happy to get these into bulk production. 23 days later, all scarves and ties arrived at the customer in Chicago. Please click on scarf and tie below to see a more detailed image:

If you are interested to learn more about our custom neckwear program, then please visit our custom tie page and fill out the request form. One of our custom neckwear specialists will gladly assist you put your vision of creating custom neckwear into reality.

Custom Ties for Freemasons
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Your Cheap-Neckties.com Custom Neckwear Team

January 23, 2016

Custom Freemason Ties

Looking to get custom ties made for your Lodge? Then simply send a request HERE and we will be in touch within one business day.

Custom-Freemason-Lodge-NecktiesAbove is a recent example of a custom design we created for a Freemason Lodge in Pennsylvania. Our neckwear designer created a handful of different design suggestions for this Lodge. The one shown above was the design that was chosen and went into production. Click on the image for a closer look.


The design we did for the Lodge in Pensilvania was also adopted by a Freemason Lodge in Florida. The only difference: The customer wanted the the Masonic Square and Compasses to be slightly more predominant and larger in size. This certainly was no problem! The ties went into production and arrived 30 days later at the customer.

For more recent custom neckwear designs we created, please check out all other custom neckwear case studies here. Do you like to get a quote on your custom tie? Then please fill out our request form. We look forward hearing from you.

Your Custom Neckwear Team at Cheap-Neckties.com



January 20, 2016

Custom Ties for Torrey Pines Lacrosse


When Torrey Pines High School’s Lacrosse team contacted us to get custom ties made, we were excited about the opportunity. The black, burgundy, and gold color palette, in combination with the two logos were certainly fun, while at the same time challenging to put into one single, cohesive design. As a first draft our designers created some classic digital design suggestions:


After a few edits mostly related to the scale of the logo, as well as the specific Pantone colors, the client eventually decided to have the following two ties put into production:



Once designs were finalized our production team went to work. Pantone colors were matched to our yarn dyes and the computerized looms were programmed to create the patterns to fit the scale. Within just 4 days fabric samples were completed for review:



No edits were needed as the fabrics matched the pantone colors and the scale/design was spot on with our digital design. The customer was happy and we went straight into production. 2 weeks later all ties were completed and shipped to our customer. They arrived just 23 days after the order was submitted. Here is another look at the finished ties:

torrey-pines-logo-necktiesNeed help with creating custom neckties, bow ties, or scarves? Then get in touch with our custom design team by falling out this contact form HERE.

Your Cheap-Neckties.com Team


January 14, 2016

The Seasonal Versatility of the Blue Tie Bar


We are positively charmed by the seasonal versatility of the Mont Pellier midnight blue tie bar. It reinvents itself with every combination. Case in point, check out these four distinct looks for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. This tiny accessory packs a big stylistic punch and instantly accentuates the best of any look.

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January 6, 2016

Case Study: Custom Repp Stripe Ties

Did you know that we at Cheap-Neckties offer customization options? In 2015 alone we have created thousands of different custom ties in any imaginable pattern, with and without logo, made from a wide range of fabrics, and any color combination that the customer had requested. While we produce custom neckwear jobs on a daily basis, occasionally we do writeup on some of our favorite jobs. Today’s case study is for a custom logo repp-stripe necktie made from 100% silk that we produced for a private club in Dayton, OH.


Mr P. told us that he liked one of our in-stock repp striped ties (picture below), but that he wanted to add both a logo and a crest to the tie.


Because the crest that was sent to us was a sketch done by hand, our designer had to create a digital file first before adding it to the tie the customer had picked out. After that we showed some options to the customer of adding the crest as well as the XLIX logo on the front of the tie.


We kept making a handful of design tweaks that mostly had to do with the scale of the placement of the logo. After a handful of tweaks, our customer choose the following as the final design:


The final design above was then submitted to production and a physical sample matching exact color numbers and design scale was created within just 8 days. After we sent this swatch to our customer for review, with no edits needed, we went into production. The final batch of 50 ties was sent to our customer just 26 days after receiving the initial design request. Take a look at these close-ups of this tie:

December 28, 2015

Custom Logo Bow Ties for EMBODI


Did you know that we offer custom design options? Be it as part of a company uniform, group’s dress code, special event, or as part of a private label collection, we can turn your imagination into reality. We offer neckties and bow ties for the men as well as matching scarves, cross-ties, or neckerchiefs for the women. For more information on our custom ties, as well as to get a quote, please CLICK HERE.



A few weeks ago we were contacted by the Youth Program coordinator for EMBODI Delta Academy to help her with a custom bow tie she had wanted to create for their members. After narrowing down the color palette and the design, our designers created the following mock-up for her:

Upon approval, we put this design into production to create a first initial sample which was completed just 10 days later. The customer liked the physical sample and we went straight into production. The set of 100 bow ties were completed just 2 weeks later and were overnighted to the customer:

If interested in custom neckwear, please fill out the following request form and we will get in touch with you within 1 business day. Please note that we require a min. of 50 pieces for any custom design. Prices start as low as $5.95 and the fastest turnaround time available is 30 days (+/- 2 days). We look forward hearing from you.

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December 23, 2015

Tis The Season – Our Favorite Holiday Looks



How To Dress For The Holiday. 

No matter where the holiday party circuit may take you, these three holiday looks will have you looking your personal best. The winning color combo for Holiday 2016 is burgundy and blue. This exquisite color combo is elegantly festive and wildly alluring making it a win, win. Velvet is a great fabric to utilize in December. Our tip to not feeling overdressed in a velvet suit, is to accessorize it with more casual pieces like a tonal blue polka dot tie. The juxtaposition of styles creates a noteworthy menswear look. Pull out all stops this season and accessorize with lapel pins, pocket squares, silk scarves, ties and tie bars.  Stick to a color palette of burgundies and blues and this holiday season is all yours!

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December 11, 2015

10 Holiday Accessories in Red For Men


Introducing our 10 best holiday accessories for men in shades of Santa approved RED. No matter what your tie aesthetic may be, we have the red tie for you. Show some holiday cheer the month of December in any or all of these accessories. Shop this curated collection by clicking on the photos.