December 10, 2016

Custom Logo Ties for Catering Company

custom tie for catering company

When New England based catering company La Bonne Maison contacted us to have some custom neckties made for their wait staff, we were excited about the opportunity to create a truly unique and fun design. The client wanted a modern looking tie that could be worn for male and female wait staff that also incorporated their logo towards the bottom of the tie. Our design team suggested a slightly slimmer tie of 2.75 inches in width witch would not only be more contemporary, but would also be a better width for the female wait staff. Based on this information our designers made the first set of designs:

custom tie with logo for wait staff

The customer liked design #2 and no further edits were needed. We went into production the same day, and just 27 days after the order was placed, the ties arrived at the customer. Below is another image of the final tie:

custom skinny logo tie in black


December 5, 2016

Enough Ties Sold to Reach 16x Around the Globe

record necktie sales

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, everyone here at still feels the effect from the huge sales surge following the announcement of our biggest discounts ever. Within minutes of pressing send on our sales announcement e-mail, we knew that an “all hands on deck” approach would be required for the days following the sale to fulfill the thousands of orders. Even our company CEO helped pick and pack. Now that we are caught up with order fulfillment, we decided to take another look at the sales stats. Astonished by the record number of ties sold, we decided to highlight some of fun facts via an infographic.

Enough Silk Yarn to Wrap 16x Around the World
While the total number of ties (8,710 pieces) sold over Black Friday and Cyber Monday might surprise some, one truly astounding fact that should surprise anyone, is the fact that these 8,710 ties are made up of 418,319 miles (yes that is indeed a comma!) of fine silk thread – this is long enough to wrap the world 16x along the equator.

Really??? 16x around the World, Where is the Proof?
Yes, you read right! Thanks to all of your business, we sold enough ties over Black Friday and Cyber Monday whose total length of silk thread is long enough to wrap the globe sixteen times. Don’t believe it? Here is the math: Silk comes from the cocoon of a silk worm. Each silk worm wraps itself in super fine silk thread to form a cocoon. When this thread is un-spun it typically measures 1,500 – 2,500 feet in length. Now it takes about 120-150 silk worm cocoons to create enough silk yarn to weave a regular sized silk necktie. So, to make a tie about 250,000 feet (or about 47 miles) of silk thread is needed. This silk thread is spun to form a thicker silk yarn, which is then woven into fabric. The fabric is then cut and sown into a tie. Since we sold 8,710 ties, 418,319 miles of silk thread is needed to make these. This is long enough to wrap the world 16x. Still don’t believe it? Well, it is true. Just take our word for it!

Thank you everyone for making our Black Friday and Cyber Monday such a tremendous success. Your business and loyalty is truly appreciated!

Your Team


December 2, 2016

Enter Our Bow Tie + Sunglasses Pinterest Giveaway



We’ve partnered with sunglasses brand, Knockaround to create this fun and unique menswear giveaway! Enter to win one of these fabulous combos of a bow tie and pair of sunglasses along with a $50 gift card to Cheap-Neckties!


1. Follow Cheap-Neckties + Knockaround on Pinterest
2. Create a board named “Cheap-Neckties + Knockaround Giveaway”
3. Pin 3 of your favorite products from both Cheap-Neckties and Knockaround

Giveaway Ends on December 9. Winners will be contacted individually.

Let’s meet our giveaway guest, Knockaround!

Knockaround was founded in 2005 by Adam “Ace” Moyer, during his time as a graduate art student at University of California, San Diego. Merging the classic East Coast prep style of his Virginia upbringing, his interest in design and fashion, and a newfound love for the perpetually sunny, laid-back lifestyle of Southern California, Ace created a company centered around a sunglasses line that was simultaneously practical and stylish. And with the introduction of the Custom shop, Knockaround’s ever-growing fan base can create their own unique sunglasses. They generously donated four pairs of sunglasses for this giveaway!


glassesbowtiecombo3 glassesbowtiecombo4 Bow Ties + Sunglasses Mens Giveaway



Custom Woven Striped Logo Ties

We recently produced a custom tie for Cornerstone Academy in Gainsville, FL. The client was looking for a striped tie in their school colors ultramarine blue, silver, and white. The client also wanted to include their mascot as well as their school logo onto the design:

cougar-head-logo logo for woven necktie design

Of course this was no problem for our design team. A couple hours after talking with our client via e-mail we sent a first set of design suggestions. After some edits following the customer’s requests, the following design was finalized:

striped logo necktie design

Just nine days later we were able to share the following fabric photos with the customer. The logos were not embroidered, but directly woven into the fabric:

custom necktie fabrics with logo

No further edits were needed and we went straight into bulk production. All ties arrived at the customer within just 35 days of having placed the order. Below are two photos of the actual ties:

custom woven cougar necktie

custom woven striped tie with logos

Looking to get custom ties created? Then contact us HERE and we will be happy to work on some design suggestions for you free of charge.

November 23, 2016

Holiday Neckwear: Black Friday Shopping Guide

Affordable Neckwear in Bulk: Holiday Menswear

Bright Red Grenadine Necktie  |  Red + White Striped Necktie  |  Solid Red Bow Tie

Emerald Solid Green Tie  |  Kelly Green Tartan Plaid Tie  |  Jade Green Bow Tie

Solid Gray Necktie  |  Silver Pin Dot Necktie  |  Light Silver Bow Tie

Check Patterned Black Tie   |  Black, Red Tartan Plaid Tie  |  Black Striped Bow Tie

Once again we find ourselves on the cusp of diving headfirst into an amazing Thanksgiving meal, sleeping away the food coma with an afternoon nap, then gearing up for a busy night and weekend of shopping. We at Cheap-Neckties like to make your online shopping excursions simple and easy! That’s why we’ve created this guide for popular holiday neckties + bow ties! Above you can find items that we currently have at least 100 of in stock! If you’re in need of neckwear for a concert, school, church, or team, we’ve got you covered!


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November 22, 2016

Custom Woven Logo Tie with Herringbone Texture

logo necktie

A few weeks ago we were contacted by a Canadian Choral group asking us if we could re-make a specific tie for their members. Previously this tie was made by another custom tie company, but apparently they can no longer make this tie due reasons unknown to us. It is not the first time that we re-made a uniform necktie or scarf, and our design team was confident that we could help this client as well. Since the client didn’t have a tie available he could send us to remake, he sent us the following design file as well:

custom necktie design template

Since Pantone color numbers, scale, and texture were outlined in much detail, making a tie to match these design specs was no problem for us. Within just 10 days of submitting this design for sampling, the following tie arrived. Since this sample tie matched their other ties to a T, we got approval to go into bulk production. The entire batch of ties were delivered to our customer within just 35 days. Below are some sample photos of the actual ties we made:

logotie_shirt logotie1

Looking to get custom neckwear made for your group or organization? Then CONTACT US and one of our design specialists will gladly help you with your request. We look forward to hearing from you.

November 15, 2016

Custom Double Sided Bow Ties

Custom double sided self tied bow ties with logo
We at have produced custom bow ties for a wide range of events and organizations in any imaginable design. While most of our custom bow ties are pre-tied featuring a simple embroidered logo, occasionally we have the opportunity to work on some very unique design request. One of such jobs was by an LA business who were looking for pre-tied bow ties that have two different sides. Each side features a different logo and both sides had to be color matched to their identity shade of royal blue. After a few design suggestions, the following design was finalized:
double sided custom bow ties
Just ten days after the design was submitted, a sample bow tie arrived at our warehouse which we overnighted to the customer for review before starting the bulk production run. Since the bow tie has two different sides, there are 4 different ways one can wear it. Here are all the 4 possible looks:
custom logo bow tie whiteblue custom self tied bow tieself tied double sided bow tie with logotwo sided custom bowtie

November 11, 2016

Autumn Look Giveaway – Vote + Win!


UPDATE: Combo #4 was the favorite look winning 35.7% of the votes! Second place goes to Combo # 2 with 25.6% and a tie for third with Combo # 1 + Combo # 3 each with 19.4%. The 3 winners have been randomly selected and contacted regarding their gift certificates. Thank you to everyone who participated and cast your vote for your favorite look! 

Like what you see? Shop the looks below:

Combo 1:
Grey Blazer  |  Grey Pants  |  Wool Ivy Green Necktie  |  Polka Dot Green Pocket Square

Combo 2:
Navy Blazer  |  Brown Sweater  |  Port Red Speckled Necktie  |  White Linen Pocket Square

Combo 3:
Check Blazer  |  Grey Cardigan  |  Navy + Burgundy Print Bow Tie  |  Grape Dot Pocket Square

Combo 4:
Wool Sports Coat  |  Khaki Chinos  |  Printed Wool Necktie  |  Blue Wool Pocket Square


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November 9, 2016

Fall Flannel Shirts + Neckties

Mens Flannel Shirts and NecktiesDeep Charcoal Tie in Wool


It used to be that flannel shirts were confined to workers who held blue-collar jobs, those days of strict office wear are long gone for many employees. As offices and companies have moved toward more casual attire, some new fashion trends for men have crept into the workplace. Flannel shirts have made a comeback and are back in style this fall season! Their classic check design can easily be paired with a solid or light patterned necktie. We’ve chosen four of our favorite light grey to charcoal skinny neckties to create the perfect men’s look for Fall!

Flannels Shirts and Neckties for FallCharcoal Grey Knit Skinny Tie


Mens Fall Flannel Shirt with NecktieExtra Slim Tie in Textured Dark Silver


Fall Menswear Outfits with FlannelGrey and Black Striped Tie

Follow our Fall & Winter Fashion Pinterest board for more inspirational menswear looks!

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November 2, 2016

Logo Ties in Matching Pantone Colors


As an expert in custom neckwear, no job is too complicated for us. Besides a wide range of fabric and finish options, we also produce custom ties to match your company pantone colors. One of such recent jobs that required exact PMS Pantone color matching was for Los Angeles based non-profit Queens Care Health Services.

The customer wanted a light blue colored tie with a large logo added to the bottom center. After a few suggestions on different logo placings and scale, the following design was finalized:


The exact Pantone PMS colors for the logo were a must requirement, and in order to guarantee an exact color match, the logo was printed using a digital fabric printer calibrated to these exact PMS colors. 30 days after the order went into production, the ties were completed. Below is another detailed look of the finished tie:


For more case studies on custom jobs we did, please check out our custom neckwear series here. Interested in getting custom ties or scarves made? Then please contact us via our custom tie page and we will get back to you within one business day.