January 18, 2017

Valentine’s Day Style: Pink + Red Neckties

Texturized Tie in Carnation Pink

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, we’re here to offer our styling opinion for your date on February 14! Don’t wait until the last minute to finalize your dashing ensemble. We’ve simplified the process for you by narrowing down our favorite red and pink neckties. Each item pairs exquisitely with a navy suit, black jacket or a more casual grey cardigan. Show off your good looks for a first time sweetheart or surprise your usual date with a style upgrade.

Texturized Tie in Carnation Pink (shown above)

Modern Black Tie With Stripes In Pink

Modern Black Necktie With Stripes in Pink

Grenadine Tie in Rose Pink

Grenadine Tie in Rose Pink

Bright Red Necktie with Gingham Checks

Bright Red Necktie with Gingham Checks

Flower Design Tie in Bright Red

Flower Design Tie In Bright Red

Knitted Silk Tie in Cherry Red

Knitted Silk Tie in Cherry Red

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January 11, 2017

5 Tips To Own Your Style – 2017 Men’s Resolutions

5 Ways To Improve Your Style in 2017

We at Cheap-Neckties believe in the power of goals! We’re here to help guide you as you plan out your style for 2017. Here are 5 ways to help narrow down your fashion vision for the year while still taking steps forward. Cheers to what’s ahead!


1. Purge + Simplify

More than ever consumers are feeling the kickback of purchasing in excess. Closets are full but the desired style is still lacking. Take the time to go through your closet this January and throw out items you haven’t worn in months. Don’t hold onto basic items you wear once a year. Declutter your crowded closet (and mind) by minimizing your options. 

2. Invest

Having a tailor or investing in a tailored suit hasn’t been a priority for recent generations. Not until you have your first tailored suit will you appreciate the difference. Take the time this year to source out the best tailor in your area and pay the pretty penny for the best suit of your life. Follow this up by staying in shape to keep up your size – but that’s a different resolution.

3. Find Your Lane 

Part of growing your style is beginning to pinpoint your fashion strengths and weaknesses and what looks best on your body type. Identify the pieces you wear well and make you feel confident. Dive further into those specific areas so your personal style and brand becomes apparent to others. Avoid jumping from trend to trend.

4. Accessorize

We’re all for accessories. The trick is to know what, and how much. You never want to over accessorize but should feel free to include pieces that will individualize your style. Make sure to have the menswear basics – neckties and pocket squares. If this is already your norm, try adding a tie bar or lapel pin. These items can easily take a look to the next level without breaking the bank and doing a full 180 on a wardrobe.

5. Take Time For One New Trend

As the seasons change, new trends come and go. The classics in men’s fashion will always be in style, but this year take the time to try out one new trend instead of every shift that comes your way. Be grounded in your personal style but don’t be afraid to infuse other influences once in awhile.


Tell us what your fashion goals are for 2017 in the comments below!


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January 8, 2017

Custom Ties for Jordan

Michael Jordan Neckties

A few weeks ago we were contacted to help produce some special neckties for a Michael Jordan foundation. The ties had to include the iconic Michael Jordan logo along with the roman numerals for 31. The client was looking for one uniform design in several color shades. The shades had to match a dozen different High Schools’ colors which were part of a special charitable event Jordan was creating. While we can’t tell you more about the cause at this point, below are the different colors we created using a woven fabric that has the logos and the XXXI embroidered as an all-over pattern.


Looking to have custom ties made? We at Cheap-Neckties.com can produce any design, color combination, and fabric as neckties, bow ties, scarves, cross ties, and more. Contact us today for a quote and design options.

Your Cheap-Neckties.com Custom Neckwear Team

January 5, 2017

Custom Embroidered Logo Tie

Oceanside Custom Logo Necktie

While printed fabrics will allow for more detail, the recent custom job we produced for the Oceanside High School soccer team is a perfect example of the detail that is possible using a woven fabric. Our customer wanted to produce a tie in school colors that also incorporate their intricate logo somewhere in the design. Below are initial 4 design suggestions our fabric designer created:

custom embroidered logo mens ties

The designs above served as a starting point and using the customer’s feedback, we refined the design further. The customer liked design #1 but wasn’t happy with so much gray in the design. We tweaked the colors and finalized the digital mock up as follows:

logo necktie design template

Once the digital design above was approved, we went into production. Just 8 days later we were able to shade photos of the actual ties with our client before moving ahead with the final production run. All ties were in our customer’s hand within 30 days of the order date. Below are two more photos of the tie showing the detail of the weave.



January 4, 2017

Winter Neckties: Red, Grey, and Navy Plaid

Winter Neckties in Red, Grey, Navy Plaid

Winter’s favorite colors – navy and grey – are now available in the form of new plaid neckties! Dress up your favorite navy button up shirt with one of 4 new items featuring a red, gray, and navy plaid design in various patterns. Be sure to bundle up while taking your style to the next level with a charcoal blazer or light gray shawl neck sweater.



Plaid Neckties In Red, Grey, and Navy

Plaid Tie in Grey, Red, Navy

Plaid Neckties In Red, Grey, and Navy

Designer Skinny Tartan Plaid Tie

Plaid Neckties In Red, Grey, and Navy

Large Scale Plaid Necktie

Plaid Neckties In Red, Grey, and Navy

Modern Tartan Plaid Necktie


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December 28, 2016

Winter Professional Wear Pyramid

Winter Professional Pyramid for Men


Earlier this year we created a Summer Prep Pyramid Capsule for Men. Based on that same idea, we’ve created a second pyramid focused on Winter Professional Attire. If this is your first intro into the world of capsule wardrobes, here’s the basic need-to-knows:

In a minimalistic world, this new trend agrees with the theme that less is more. Central to the capsule being a success is a rearrangement of your closet to contain only essential, versatile items and building your style from there. Rather than exhausting yourself to have fragments of every trend and genre of fashion, this initiative gives attention to your wardrobe staples which lets the trendier, eye-candy pieces, stand out more. Start by finding what you love to wear, your go-tos, and what is easily paired with almost anything. Then, invest your clothing budget into buying quality pieces that will remain a faithful companion in your closet. 

1 Coat

For fall and winter, an overcoat is an everyday necessity for the commuting man. A peacoat in navy is a stylish way to keep yourself from the blistering outdoors.

2 Shoes

Keep the shoes simple for your winter wear. A quality pair of brogue boots in brown and black oxfords will give you the best of both worlds.

3 Blazers

Fall and winter offer a reason to layer up! Keep it toasty with your style on point with a navy blazer, tweed jacket, and shawl neck sweater.

4 Pairs of Pants

Curate four pairs of quality pants in navy, gray wool, carmel wool, and black dress pants.

5 Shirts

Choose five styles of shirts in varying colors and patterns.

6 Neckties

For your winter neckwear accessories, choose the best colors of the season. Navy, maroon, and dark greens with varying patterns and solids.

Navy Striped Tie in Wool

Dark Orange Tie With Silver Diamonds

Glen Check Tie in Dark Brown

Pine Green Tweed Tie

Slim Knit Tie in Rosewood

Denim Look Silk Tie With Dots


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December 21, 2016

Get The Look – Winter Dogstooth Suit + Regimental Striped Tie

Winter Menswear - Dogstooth Suit

Jacket + Waistcoat (available now only in grey)

Charcoal Chinos

Regimental Repp Tie in Green + Navy

Pocket Square in Blue + Tan

SoxHQ Socks

Brown Zip Boot


Carry Sleeve

Don’t let the dreary winter clouds get you down. Embrace the cooler months by layering up with your favorite menswear pieces! This week we’re featuring a Get The Look inspired by the bleak skies of December. The sharp dogstooth jacket and waistcoat present a distinguished look with the regimental striped necktie and pocket square. The patterned socks take away the usual stuffiness associated with this type of look and add in a casual, approachable touch. Shop this iconic and brilliant look through the links above.


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December 14, 2016

Gift Guide For Him: 9 Affordable Monthly Subscriptions Under $100

Mens Gift Guide: Affordable Monthly Subscriptions

If you haven’t heard of the subscription rage the past few years, we’d like to officially welcome you to the future. Subscription services have made headway by providing customers handpicked, carefully curated items delivered to their doorstep. Services range from clothing, beard & mustache oils, to food & drink. Depending on the service you use, each delivery may expand your knowledge about a particular subject or give you a new pair of pants to try. Either way, if you’re lacking inspiration for the holidays, this can be a great gift! You can give many of these subscriptions as gifts for a one-time purchase or set up a recurring plan. We’ve created a list of affordable monthly subscriptions for men all under $100.

Dollar Shave Club (shown above)

Know a man who is always in search of a quality razor? Dollar Shave Club is exactly what it sounds like, starting at $1/month, a subscriber can receive two quality razor handles in the first box and new cartridges each following month. Razor upgrades are also available for $6 and $9 per month. The gifting options start at $55 for 3 months which also includes post shave cream + shave butter.


Mens Gift Guide: Affordable Monthly Subscriptions

Sock Fancy

Starting at $11/month, Sock Fancy will send one pair of socks per month with the option to increase this to two or six pairs. Enjoy a fresh pair of randomly selected socks each month ranging from subtle, trendy patterns to bizarrely cool graphics. Gift subscriptions start at 3, 6, 9, or 12 month increments. Help a special someone step up their sock game and stay fresh + fancy.


Mens Gift Guide: Affordable Monthly Subscriptions


Starting at $14.95/month, Scentbird will send a fragrance of your choice. With 450+ designer and niche fragrances one can stick with your favorite or experiment until “the one” is found. Gift subscriptions begin at $84 with 6 to 12 month options. Give the gift of smelling good!


Mens Gift Guide: Affordable Monthly Subscriptions


Starting at $20/month, each delivery the box will feature a range of top-shelf grooming samples—from daily moisturizers to classic pomades—plus a full-size product like a gadget, bar tool, or stylish accessory. No two guys are alike, so each box will be tailored to suit one’s personal style. A customer will fill out a Grooming Profile to describe likes which helps Birchbox pick the right products. Gifting packages start at $60 for 3 months.

Mens Gift Guide: Affordable Monthly Subscriptions

The Microbrewed: Beer Of The Month Club

Starting at $27.95/month (+ $15 S&H fee) a subscriber will receive 12 bottles of microbrewed beer from two different lightly distributed U.S. microbreweries. There are options to upgrade to more specific genre-specific groups like Hop-Heads, International, as well as a Rare Beer Club. Beer Of The Month Club been in business for 21 year and has become an expert in curating beer collections. A perfect gift for any beer-lover!

Mens Gift Guides: Affordable Monthly Subscriptions


Starting at $18.99/shipment, Mistobox sends quality 12 oz. bags of coffee to your doorstep based on one’s preferences in roast level, type, frequency, and price tier. You can experience different types of coffee and new brewing methods. When a purchase is made for more than one shipment, the price will be discounted 15% or 20%. Give a special someone joy in a cup every morning!

Mens Gift Guide: Affordable Monthly Subscriptions

Bespoke Post

Starting at $45/month, Bespoke with send a monthly collection of branded goods. A subscriber will set preferences and Bespoke will recommend boxes. Check out the items each month and either choose to receive or skip each box. Previous boxes are also available for purchase. Gifting prices start at $55 for a single box.

Mens Gift Guide: Affordable Monthly Subscriptions

The Carnivore Club

Starting at $55/month, The Carnivore Club is the first curated meat of the month club featuring and will send a monthly shipment of 4-6 carefully curated meats in a faux-wood box. Each month’s box is curated around one producer specializing in a specific style of curated meats. If you have someone on your list who takes pleasure in trying out new flavors, this could be the right move!


Mens Gift Guide: Affordable Monthly Subscriptions

The Taster’s Club

Currently starting at $69/month, The Taster’s Club will send a must-have 750mL bottle of whiskey, rum, or tequila along with useful information that will help one understand their drink of the month as well as it relates to the greater world of liquor. Know someone who enjoys fine tasting and the specifications of each drink? This will be a big hit!



Not interested in a subscription, but still in need of some affordable menswear items for gift + stocking stuffers? See our most popular winter items below:

Striped Skinny Tie in Wool Green
Solid Maroon Mens Necktie
Mens Navy Dot Bow Tie
Winter Gingham Skinny Tie

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December 10, 2016

Custom Logo Ties for Catering Company

custom tie for catering company

When New England based catering company La Bonne Maison contacted us to have some custom neckties made for their wait staff, we were excited about the opportunity to create a truly unique and fun design. The client wanted a modern looking tie that could be worn for male and female wait staff that also incorporated their logo towards the bottom of the tie. Our design team suggested a slightly slimmer tie of 2.75 inches in width witch would not only be more contemporary, but would also be a better width for the female wait staff. Based on this information our designers made the first set of designs:

custom tie with logo for wait staff

The customer liked design #2 and no further edits were needed. We went into production the same day, and just 27 days after the order was placed, the ties arrived at the customer. Below is another image of the final tie:

custom skinny logo tie in black


December 5, 2016

Enough Ties Sold to Reach 16x Around the Globe

record necktie sales

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, everyone here at Cheap-Neckties.com still feels the effect from the huge sales surge following the announcement of our biggest discounts ever. Within minutes of pressing send on our sales announcement e-mail, we knew that an “all hands on deck” approach would be required for the days following the sale to fulfill the thousands of orders. Even our company CEO helped pick and pack. Now that we are caught up with order fulfillment, we decided to take another look at the sales stats. Astonished by the record number of ties sold, we decided to highlight some of fun facts via an infographic.

Enough Silk Yarn to Wrap 16x Around the World
While the total number of ties (8,710 pieces) sold over Black Friday and Cyber Monday might surprise some, one truly astounding fact that should surprise anyone, is the fact that these 8,710 ties are made up of 418,319 miles (yes that is indeed a comma!) of fine silk thread – this is long enough to wrap the world 16x along the equator.

Really??? 16x around the World, Where is the Proof?
Yes, you read right! Thanks to all of your business, we sold enough ties over Black Friday and Cyber Monday whose total length of silk thread is long enough to wrap the globe sixteen times. Don’t believe it? Here is the math: Silk comes from the cocoon of a silk worm. Each silk worm wraps itself in super fine silk thread to form a cocoon. When this thread is un-spun it typically measures 1,500 – 2,500 feet in length. Now it takes about 120-150 silk worm cocoons to create enough silk yarn to weave a regular sized silk necktie. So, to make a tie about 250,000 feet (or about 47 miles) of silk thread is needed. This silk thread is spun to form a thicker silk yarn, which is then woven into fabric. The fabric is then cut and sown into a tie. Since we sold 8,710 ties, 418,319 miles of silk thread is needed to make these. This is long enough to wrap the world 16x. Still don’t believe it? Well, it is true. Just take our word for it!

Thank you everyone for making our Black Friday and Cyber Monday such a tremendous success. Your business and loyalty is truly appreciated!

Your Cheap-Neckties.com Team