July 27, 2015

Custom Neckties for Rio Ammunition

Were you aware that we also offer custom design services? Whether you like us to make silk bow ties with embroidered company logos, solid colored neckties that match a specific pantone color, or handprinted silk scarves with your cat’s face on it, we at Cheap-Neckties have made it all. As long as you need to order 50+ pieces, there are almost no limitations of what is possible.

Ties for Rio Ammunition

Custom Logo Neckties in Blue
Recently we were contacted by Texas based Rio Ammunition to produce custom neckties for their staff inauguration. After discussing with the customer their company colors as well as their design preferences, our fabric designers went to work to draft up several suggestions, matching Rio’s requirements. Typically we like to start off with 4 options which help us get an idea on what aesthetics the customer is looking for. After that we make edits and revisions as needed until the customer is 100% satisfied with the digital design. Rio Ammunition picked the design shown above. After just 30 days the ties arrived:


Get Started on Your Own Custom Tie:

Interested in creating your own custom neckwear? Then get started by filling out this contact form and one of our designers will be in touch with you. Not sure what design you like? Then take a look here at some of our past jobs for design inspiration. Please note that we do require at least 50 pieces for any custom production.

Your Cheap-Neckties.com Custom Team

July 20, 2015

Get The Look – Pin Dot Tie, Suit + Beard

Navy Blue Suit and Pin Dot Tie

Blue Suit

Dress Shirt

Pin Dot Tie

Beard Oil

Look sharp + manly with this Week’s featured Get The Look that pairs a summer suit with a mint green dress shirt, a pin dot tie and beard oil. The paramount rules of menswear are fit + grooming. If you have a beard, make sure you trim it and oil it so that it looks meticulous -and not messy. Shake things up with opting for an unexpected dress shirt color like this mint and accessorize it with a staple accessory like this handsome pin dot tie in navy!  This knockout look is perfect for the professional world.

July 14, 2015

Get The Look: Golf Style Perfected


White Shirt 

Sweater Vest

Bow Tie

Glen Check Pants

Golf Shoes

Driving Cap

Whether or not your golf game is perfect, your style can be! Our Look of The Week takes the heritage aesthetic of golf and makes it all yours with savvy menswear pieces in masculine colors and  great fabrics and patterns. Shop this look and we guarantee, you’ll be the best dressed golfer on the course.  We recommend opting for a neutral color palette of browns, tans and navys and encourage mixing patterns and fabrics!

July 9, 2015

Trendy Tartan Plaids for $10

tartan-necktie-black-redShown Above: Puccini’s Black Tartan Plaid Tie + Red Tie Bar + solid black dress shirt.


Not sure if your Scottish Kilt fits your office dress code? Then these trendy new Tartan plaid ties by neckwear designer Puccini are the next best thing. The designer picked a bold color palette for one of the most traditional fabric patterns. The result: a truly bold statement piece that looks fantastic with when paired with colored tie bar, suits in navy, gray, and tan, and rich colored dress shirts. Available in these 3 color combinations for just $10 each. Click your color below:


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Your Cheap-Neckties.com Team

June 30, 2015

Get The Look – Weekend Prep

Regimental Tie + Chinos

Gingham Shirt



Regimental Tie in Red


Master the look of Weekend Prep with our Featured Look of the Week that pairs a navy gingham shirt with a regimental striped tie, anchor belt, stone hued cotton chinos and a gray sweater. This handsome look epitomizes everything everyone loves about the preppy aesthetic. It is polished, clean and classic!  No matter your weekend plans, shop this look if you love this prep style.

June 23, 2015

Men’s Fashion Pieces For Independence Day


Menswear Pieces for 4th of July

Gingham Shirt



Navy Knit Tie

Striped TShirt



Pocket Square

Blue Shirt


Celebrate 4th of July in true Americana Style with any one or all of these trademark pieces in Red, White + Blue. These celebratory fashion pieces are sure to have you decked out in iconic style for bbqs, firework shows and however you plan to celebrate the holiday this year. If you’re going to be wearing a tie, don’t forget to check out our collection of Red and Blue Ties. And if you’re going more casual, you can’t go wrong with the flag print swim trunks!

June 9, 2015

Monochromatic Polka Dot Ties – On Sale $5

How can a tie be both solid in color as well as feature a fun polka dot pattern? Well, neckwear designer Puccini has the answer. Take a look at these eight new monochromatic polka dot ties featuring a woven polka dot pattern using only a single color yarn. These are fantastic pieces for all you patterned shirts and suits. For a limited time only we are featuring this new collection for just $5.00 each. Click on your favorite color above for more matching tips, to see a more detailed photo, as well as to order.

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Your Cheap-Neckties.com Team

June 1, 2015

The History of Ties

The History of Neckties

Learn the History of Ties with our comprehensive Visual Info Graphic that starts with the 17th Century and outlines the evolution of the Necktie all the way to the 1940’s!  Discover the Birthdate of the coveted Bow Tie and the origin of the Bolo Tie. This is a must read for any and all Menswear Fashion Enthusiasts.



May 20, 2015

Ties for Outdoorsmen


Do you love the outdoors so much that you wish you could wear your camo gear and hunting boots to the office? While this will likely jeopardize your promotion chances, and might even get co-workers worried about office safety, this tie collection will be the next best thing! They are great to appease your outdoor enthusiasm and will certainly show off your sportsmen spirit in style. Made from a unique silk and wool blend, and featuring an intricate weave of deer, flying ducks, and pheasants, these pieces are a fantastic accessory for all your navy, gray, brown, and olive colored suits. For a closeup look on each tie, as well as to order, please click on your favorite color and design below. Available as long as supply lasts for just $15 here at Cheap-neckties.com


May 12, 2015

Summer’s Best Striped Ties

Best Summer Striped Neckties

Neon Yellow Striped Tie  |  Striped Tie in Tangerine  |  Blue + Orange Necktie

Summer Linen Tie  |  Designer Green Striped Tie  |  Blue + White Striped Tie 

Striped Orange Necktie   |  Striped Blue Tie  |  Modern Striped Tie

Green + Blue Striped Tie  |   Regimental Yellow Tie  |  Regimental Crested Skinny Tie

Accessorize your way straight to the sharpest Summer Style you have ever had with this curated collection of the Best Summer Striped Neckties to own in 2015. These colorful striped ties in trending shades of greens, oranges, blues and yellows are guaranteed to make you look dynamically handsome with a cool twist of seasonal fun. Shop the collection by clicking the links above. All of these ties will look brilliantly chic paired with cotton and linen suits and / or blazers.