August 24, 2016

Custom Woven Ties and Printed Scarves

A couple weeks ago we were contacted by Florida private school “Agape Christian Academy” for their neckwear needs. The client was looking for a red tie with narrow white diagonal stripes that show their logo towards their bottom. Since the ties were intended for staff as well as students, different sizes were needed. While boys are wearing these neckties, the girls needed to have a matching scarf. After listening to what the client was looking for, our design team created the following two options for tie and scarf:

Custom Logo School NecktiesCustom Logo School Uniform Scarf

The client liked the design without further edits and we started weaving the fabrics for the necktie as well as printing the fabrics for the matching scarves. 45 days after the order was placed, all ties and scarves were delivered to our client in Florida. Below are two detailed photos of the actual tie and scarf. Should you be interested in custom neckties, scarves, bow ties, or pocket squares, then we would love to hear from you. Simply fill out this request form and we will be in touch within 24 hours.
custom logo school scarfcustom logo boys school neckties

August 18, 2016

Custom Logo Neckties, Bow Ties, and Pocket Squares

Logo neckties, bow ties, pocket square
We recently had the opportunity to create a set of neckwear and pocket squares for a client in Nigeria. The client wanted their logo (left) incorporated on 2 different necktie designs. In addition the client was interested to create complementing bow ties as well as a pocket square – all matching in color and complementing in design. After discussing the project with our design team, we created the first set of suggestions for our client:

woven logo neckties custom design
The customer liked design #1 and #2 the most, but requested that the logo on design #1 to be larger and centered on the tip of the tie. Of course, this was no problem. Below is the updated design #1 which the customer choose as neckties as well as bow ties. Since the logo on the bow tie was smaller in size, we had to create a different set of woven fabrics for necktie as well as the bow tie:
large logo necktielogo bow tie custom design

Since our customer also wanted to order design #2 from above, we (per customer request), a set of matching pre-tied bow ties. Below are the detailed design spec sheets indicating the exact scale and pantone colors:

Logo Mens TiesCustom Logo Bow Ties

Last but not least, the client wanted a printed pocket square that matches the colors of the ties above. After a couple design suggestions and revisions, our client eventually choose the design below:

Custom Logo Printed Pocket Square

40 days after the order was submitted, all products arrived at our warehouse in San Francisco. Below are detailed photos of all individual items. For even larger view, please click on each item:

Large Logo Necktie WovenWoven Fabric Logo Mens TieLarge Logo Bow tieLogo Woven BowtieCustom Printed Logo Pocket Square

If you are looking to get custom ties, pocket squares, scarves, or even cufflinks made, then please fill out our CUSTOM REQUEST FORM and our custom design team will get in touch with you within one business day. We look forward hearing from you!

Your Custom Neckwear team

August 17, 2016

Get The Look – Preppy Summer Attire

Get this summer preppy look


Linen Blazer

Burgundy Crested Tie

White Button Down Shirt

White Chinos

Navy Linen Pocket Square

Burgundy Tassel Loafers

Tartan Dog Leash

This week our featured Get The Look gives a shout out to your younger prep school days. Remember when the crested ties were mandatory and looking studious was not a suggestion? This summer look takes the best of parts of those uniform days but adds some aspects you won’t find in your yearbook. The linen blazer is a must-have upgrade from the usual navy jacket. When paired with a white button down, white chinos, repp crested tie, and burgundy tassel loafers, you’ve landed yourself a look worthy of the Hampton’s. Don’t forget to keep your pup stylish with a tartan dog leash.



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August 10, 2016

Men’s Guide to Tie Width Trends


Variations of Men's Necktie Widths

Necktie widths can say a lot about your fashion and style preferences as well as a glance into the era in which you grew up. We created this guide for six different widths, made popular in different decades and many are still popular today!


Kipper Tie

You might recognize the name Kipper Tie if you were around for the 40’s, 70’s, or the short reappearance in the early 90’s. If you can’t distinguish the name, you may recall the style. These ties could measure anywhere from 4.5” – 6” wide and sported loud colors and designs. If you like to wear your favorite animal prints and hobbies, you might enjoy this vintage style.


Traditional Tie 

The “standard” width for ties has varied throughout the years. During the 80’s, a traditional width would have been closer to 3.75”- 4” wide and is still a go-to by many tie purists today. If you’re into large paisley designs or plant life, there is a good chance you might find some classic items you fancy.


New Standard Tie

If you prefer your ties to be a happy medium all the way around – size and design – you might enjoy the new standard width of 3.25” – 3.5”. Made popular in the early 1950’s and popular still today, business professionals wore this width in solid colors.

Solid Color Ties


Narrow Tie

Are you leaning on the trendy fence, but not quite ready to commit? The invention of the narrow, but not skinny, tie blurs the line of past and present. Commonly around 2.75” – 3” wide, it could pass for a skinny tie for some and yet a standard width for others. If you’re indecisive, this might be your next best friend.

See one of our favorites here.


Skinny Tie

If you were inspired by the style of the Beatles or are hip on the current trends, the skinny tie is most likely your favorite piece to wear with a tailored suit. Originally made popular in the late 50’s and early 60’s and crafted from leather or knit wool. The skinny tie is around 1.5” – 2” wide and is back in style with unending colors and designs for round two in its claim to fame.  


Bolo Tie

The skinniest of skinnies, the Bolo Tie is a simple cord or leather string with metal ends with a decorative clasp or piece of jewelry. Known for its appearance in old Westerns, this item is still popular among the southwest states. If your style is simple, understated, yet determined, consider giving this a try.



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August 4, 2016

Custom Logo Necktie with Sailing Pennant

By now we have created custom ties and scarves for almost any industry in any state and dozens of countries. While most of our custom requests come from restaurants, airlines, transportation, government, and the religious sector, we recently had the honor to design a tie for the Branford Yachtclub in Hamden, CT. The customer was looking for simple and classic striped design that incorporated the club’s sailing pennant. Our designer went to work, and created the first batch of design suggestions below:

sailing pennant logo necktie
The first 4 designs above show different front designs of the necktie, while the option “B” shows the possibility to embroider the pennant also on the back tipping on the tie. Eventually our customer opted for design 1 witout the addition of the backside embroidery:

pennant necktie

Once the design above was approved, we started the process of weaving all the fabrics. Within 10 days photos of the fabrics were shared with our customer. No further edits were needed and we continued with bulk production. 36 days after the order was placed, all ties were shipped to our customer in Connecticut. Here is a close-up photo of the tie:

sailing pennant custom silk tie

If you are looking to have custom neckties, bow ties, scarves, or cross ties made, then please CONTACT US HERE and we will get back to you within one business day.

July 29, 2016

Custom Logo Silk Ties for Perry Cabin

When Maryland’s resort Perry Cabin Inn contacted us to get custom neckwear created for their staff, we were excited to help. As a high end resort, they requested only the finest silk to be used for their staff’s neckties. After reviewing their logo, colors, and branding, our design team created the following 4 options:

Logo Silk Ties Design Options

The customer liked our first batch of design suggestions and requested a physical sample to be made of design #1. 14 days later the physical sample arrived. All customer expectations were not only met but exceeded, and we went ahead with the bulk production. 20 days later the entire order of custom logo silk ties arrived with the customer. Below is a close up photo of the finished tie. The fabric was woven from 100% silk with the logo directly incorporated into the fabric.

Logo Silk Tie Custom Design

If you are interested in learning more about our custom neckwear options, then please CLICK HERE and fill out our request form. We will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

July 27, 2016

Casual Summer Style with Pocket Squares


Four Pattern Pocket SquareThere’s no question about how much we love men’s neckties. We’re also in favor of shifting your norm and diving headfirst into new fashion experiences. This week we are showcasing how pocket squares can truly affect your daily attire. Here are some of our favorite summer pocket squares you can rock and roll without their necktie counterparts. Don’t be afraid to get creative and let your wild side loose!


The Carefree Businessman (shown above) 

Businessmen have a certain stigma about them – serious, determined, focused, did we mention serious? We’ve created a look here that has all the ingredients a businessman loves, but adds a jovial hint. A classic Topman navy suit with Tommy Hilfiger’s light blue button up, and of course the sunglasses from Vint & York. This pocket square has the intensity and busyness to keep up with such a profession.


Multi-color Plaid Pocket Square

The Deliberate Man of Leisure

Grab your picnic basket and run – don’t walk – out of the office. This outfit evokes and demands a fun, festive afternoon at the park. Snatch a bottle of bubbly and never look back. You’ll fit right into your outdoor atmosphere with the bright colors this pocket square has to offer. The navy jacket from H&M, Old Navy jeans, white linen button up from J Crew and Brooks Brothers gray sweater vest create an outfit ready for a memorable day. 


Red Bandanna Styled Pocket Square

The Modern Western Man

Get ready to rodeo with this sleek look. An ASOS Gray houndstooth skinny blazer, black button up from Banana Republic – and we mean, buttoned up – black pants from Zara, add in this bandanna-styled, red pocket square and “ooo-eee doggie”, what an ensemble! No need to worry if you don’t have any plans to visit the wild west in the near future, this get-up is perfect for any modern gentleman looking to try a little something new.


Purple Paisley Pocket Square

The Man of Influence

Power suit? How about power paisley! The right pocket square can take a casual look and turn you into an intentional gentleman. This carefree and easy look comprised of a ASOS black skinny blazer, H&M grey tee, and white cropped pants from Tommy Hilfiger is absolutely transformed by adding this purple paisley pocket square. Don’t be afraid to add some color to those classic black and white hues, it makes all the difference!

Summery Yellow Pocket Square

The Nautical Man

Get yourself an exclusive invitation to a party on a yacht to flaunt this seaworthy look! This bright yellow pin dot pocket square looks fresh with a Zara white cotton blazer, Old Navy blue gingham check button up, and black cropped pants from Urban Outfitters. A merry outfit calls for a joyous outing. Get ready to hit the sails while avoiding the plank for your dear clothes’ sake.


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July 22, 2016

Summer’s Most Popular Light Blue Neckties

Popular Ties in Baby Blues

Check Patterned Tie        |        Baby Blue Striped Tie        |      Linen Tie in Blue

Modern Repp Striped Tie        |       Polka Dot Tie       |     Herringbone Tie

Mini Check Tie       |       Tie in Kentucky Blue       |     Summer Striped Tie

Instantly refresh your summer look with any one of our best-selling neckties in a variety of handsome light blues.  Light blue adds a chic dose of color to your workwear basics including your white oxfords, gray suits and navy blue blazers. Ocean blues are synonymous with cool summer style and can be worn for work and for play.  Check out more ideas by visiting our Pinterest Board for Spring and Summer Style.

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July 14, 2016

Custom Self-Tied Bow Ties

Case Study: Custom Self-Tied Bow Ties for Confetti Foundation

A few weeks ago we were contacted by the Confetti Foundation, a Rhode Island based non-profit with the mission to supply birthday parties for children who have spend their birthday in the hospital, to help create a unique custom printed bow tie as part of a fundraiser. Designer Cayleigh Hopkins created the design below excessively for The Confetti Foundation. Needless to say, we at feel honored to have been entrusted to create fancy self-tied bow ties based on this unique design.


We then applied this design to our digital bow tie template below. To ensure a proper color match, our fabric designers matched the digital design by Cayleigh Hopkins to the actual pantone numbers.


Once the design was approved, we created a sample which arrived just 2 weeks later at our office. Ourselves as well as our customer was happy the the result and we then went straight into bulk production. In just 30 days after the order was submitted we received the entire bulk production.

custom printed cotton bow tiecustom self tied bow ties
To compliment the summer East Coast vibe of this unique design, we applied the design to a fine cotton fabric using a digital printing press.

Should you be interested to learn more about custom design option for neckties, bow ties, scarves, or pocket squares, then please CLICK HERE and fill out the request form. We will respond to all requests within 24 hours.

Your Custom Neckwear Team

July 10, 2016

Case Study: Custom Logo Neckties and Bow Ties

custom ties and matching bow ties
Every day our custom neckwear division helps our clients create custom neckwear for their group, staff, organization, or event. While we create thousands of designs each year, we pick out some of our favorite jobs and present them as a case study here on our blog. This time we are featuring a custom woven logo necktie and bow tie we created for VCOM.

Digital Design Templates

Our customer required that a certain red pantone color (PMS208) would be matched exactly on each of the designs. They also wanted two different striped neckties in a red and blue color palette as well as one matching bow tie design to compliment one of the ties. After several edits, our customer picked out the following digital design that our design team created for them:
custom pantone color necktiecustom striped design tiescustom matching mens bow ties

Actual Finished Product Photos

29 days after submitting the job for production we received the products in hand. The pantone color match was spot on, and our customer loved the design and the detail of the embroidered logo.
Custom woven logo tielogo necktieswoven custom logo bow ties