November 17, 2017

Cheap-Neckties Custom Neckwear for Clubs, Masonic Lodges, Churches

Affordable custom neckties, bow ties, and more are one of our specialties at Cheap-Neckties. We’ve produced thousands of neckwear items for companies within all industries! Restaurants, hotels, catering serving staff, schools, athletic groups, and uniforms for all kinds of businesses! Another industry that commonly needs custom neckties are clubs, masonic lodges, and churches! Whether it’s for a special occasion, event, or uniform, there is no design we can’t create! Need to match a particular Pantone color? No problem! We can make your designs come to life in a simple process where you’re interacting with a real person to make sure the outcome is exactly what you desire. We can create neckties, bow ties, women’s scarves, cross ties, and kids ties.

See some of our recent custom neckties created for clubs and churches below:

  • Copper Logo Necktie Custom

Our typical turnout around time is 60 – 90 days with a rush option of 30 days. We require a minimum order of 50 pieces to place a custom order. We make it easy to choose your design with sample template suggestions. Contact us today!

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November 15, 2017

Custom Uniform High School Ties and Scarves

We are excited to have helped hundreds of schools with their uniform neckwear needs. While most of the schools we work with order neckties for the boys and matching cross ties for the girls, some schools prefer to swap out the cross ties with elegant neck scarves. This was the case when we were contacted by Ovid-Elsie Area Schools. They were looking for a yellow and navy striped tie with a single embroidered logo. For the girls they were looking to create a matching scarf. Below is the final necktie design as well as a matching scarf design we created for the customer:

custom high school scarf

The customer liked the necktie design, but preferred a oblong shaped scarf. Below are two additional designs we created to compliment the ties:

custom oblong neck scarf

Custom long shaped womens neck scarf

The customer choose the 2nd option with the herringbone design. The ties and scarves arrived six weeks after we submitted the production run. Below are two more detailed images of the actual woven neckties and matching printed scarves:

custom striped logo neck tiecustom printed womens scarf uniform

If you are looking to get ties or scarves made for your club, organization, or school, then please fill out the following request form and our design team would be happy to help design some options for you.

November 14, 2017

The Interview Success Guide: Interviewing 101

How To Succeed at Interviews - Tips on Clothing and Preparation

Everyone has been told at some point during college or high school, in order to land the job of your dreams, you need to dress for success. While dressing appropriately will show your interviewers you respect the process, it’s how you handle yourself after the first handshake that will either get you the job of your dreams or continue you down the job-searching-death-trap. Here are our tips and suggestions to help set yourself apart from the rest.

Figure out what kind of job you’re interviewing for and the necessary attire. If you’re heading into finance, insurance, academia, or consulting, embrace the professional attire and pay attention to detail. A standard and classically styled necktie is a must. Business casual attire for interviews should be handled with care. Be sure to not underdress and hurt any chances of being the chosen one. For industries where business casual dress is appropriate, don’t leave out a blazer, pressed pants, a crisp shirt, and tie for the guys. Depending on the industry, a trendy skinny tie can be appropriate.

Your likelihood of landing the job certainly starts with the outfit but the bulk of your time should be spent preparing for the conversation. Researching the company, narrowing down the reasons you want the job, and what makes you the perfect candidate are all important things to figure out before heading to the interview meeting. To show yourself worthy of the job, be sure to prepare questions for the interviewers. This shows you put in the time to and energy to process through the role.

Grab a family member or friend to help flush out some common interview questions. Practicing helps calm nerves, trim down your answers, and prevent rambling. Map out your route to the location beforehand and have backups prepared if you rely on public transportation. Be sure to bring extra copies of your resume, a notebook, and portfolio of your work if needed. Prepare everything beforehand so you’ll be ready to walk out the door without scrambling. Don’t forget a bottle of water for spurts of nervous cottonmouth and emergency mints in case you have onions for lunch.

Feeling confident certainly comes across during interviews. Make sure to not add any additional stress by wearing uncomfortable or complicated clothing. Take the time to prepare at least the day before to let your mind relax the day of the interview. Above all, show your competence mixed in with your personality! Good luck!

See our collection of recommend interview ties HERE.

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November 11, 2017

Custom Striped High School Uniform Ties

Custom School Uniform Striped Tie

Recently we were contacted by Mercy High School in Philadelphia with their uniform neckwear needs. Since their past supplier was no longer able to make their uniform tie, the client asked us if we could re-make their existing necktie. Of course, this was not a problem for us. After we reviewed their logo, matched their Pantone colors, and checked on the logo placement, we created the following spec sheet:

custom ties for high school uniform

Since the client was not happy about the width of their current ties, we narrowed the tie by 0.5 inches  (2.75 inch width). After about six weeks of going into production, the final ties arrived at our warehouse. Below are two more detailed photos of the ties.

Looking to get custom ties made for your school? Then contact us today! We offer custom school uniform neckties or bow ties for the boys and matching scarves or cross ties for the girls.


November 7, 2017

5 Ways To Tie A Tie : Cheap-Neckties + Eva Chung Collaboration

We collaborated with How-To YouTuber, Eva Chung in her video tutorial on 5 Ways To Tie a Skinny Tie. If you’re ever in a pinch and needing to find a new knot for that special occasion, this how-to video gives simple and easy steps to making the perfect knot every time! Check out the video and give her a thumbs up! See the five different necktie knots featured below!

5 Ways To Tie a Tie


Four in Hand Knot
Skinny Wool Tie in Graphite Gray


Half Windsor Knot
Light Blue Striped Skinny Necktie


Full Windsor Knot
Purple Paisley Woven Necktie


Trinity Knot
Summer Linen Striped Tie in Sky Blue


Eldredge Knot
Matte Skinny Tie in Grape Purple

Follow our Pinterest board dedicated to style how-knows, For Your Info.

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November 3, 2017

Custom Self-Tied Bow Ties with Logos

custom school bow ties

Waxahachie High School in Dallas Texas contacted us to get custom bow ties made. The client liked the bow ties we produced for a previous client, and wanted to create the same pattern in their green and black color palette, as well as their logo. The client also wanted the bow ties to be self-tied with an adjustable neckband. After reviewing the color specs and logo, our designer created the following mock up:

custom logo bow ties

The client approved the design and we started the sampling process. Just two weeks later the actual bow tie samples arrived. Below are some more detailed photos:

Looking to get custom bow ties made, then contact us today and we would be happy to help. We offer custom bow ties for adults and several kids sizes in pre-tied as well as self-tied styles.

November 2, 2017

Cheap-Neckties Color Of The Month: Otter Brown

Each month Cheap-Neckties will be featuring a Color of the Month! We are often inspired by trending colors and want to share our love for the complexity within each hue. We hope that by submerging into the the color wheel, our customers’ knowledge will expand as we feature distinct, noteworthy items. Let us know your color requests in the comments below!

Mens Neckties and Bow Ties in Brown

Thanks to Pantone for naming this usually uninteresting tone of brown with a descriptor we can all get behind. This month our featured color of the month is Otter Brown. A standard color for business-people, browns can sometimes be hard to work into a modern look. While not as sleek or popular as black or gray, brown brings about a comforting, rustic appeal that can definitely work in trendy styles. Typically a common color in the fall season, brown can be easily incorporated with suits in navy, olive, tan, and even other tones of brown. We’re inspired by the richness and maturity that Otter Brown can add to any outfit. Try switching out a tie in black or gray for a brown to achieve a more earthy look.

  • Solid Chocolate Brown Necktie


Check out styling inspiration for Brown + Tan Color Inspiration


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October 27, 2017

Autumn Orange Neckties

Mens Wool and Silk Ties In Autumn Orange

Paisley Tie in Orange + Gray  |  Autumn Orange Retro Pattern Tie  |  Burnt Orange Herringbone
Autumn Orange Glen Check  |  Dark Burnt Orange Wool Tie  |  Striped Knit Tie in Orange + Navy

There is no color more quintessential to Autumn than orange. Whether pumpkin bright or burnt fire orange, incorporating this iconic seasonal color is a must. Being an intense color, it’s pertinent to be aware of how much orange to work into an outfit. A button up shirt or pants might be a bit much yet adding a touch of color via your favorite form of neckwear is an easy way to change up your routine without going overboard. Here are six popular orange neckties in wool and silk blends. Each offers a unique pattern or design perfect for a soft gray, white, or light blue dress shirt.

Follow our Fall & Winter Fashion board on Pinterest to keep up with styles!

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October 25, 2017

Custom Kids Bow Ties, Girl’s Cross Ties, and Boys Neckties

custom school uniform ties

Recently we were contacted by the Paratus Academy to help create some custom neckwear for their students. Since the neckwear had to fit a wide age range and was intended for both boys and girls, we created three different styles: Adjustable cross ties for the girls 5th grade and up, pre-tied bow ties for boys PK-4th grade, as well as classic neckties for boys 5th grade and up. After reviewing the clients color palette, crest logo details, as well as their current school uniform, our designer created several design options (shown below).
custom boys bow ties with logo

After some editing rounds using the client’s feedback, we finalized the following kids bow ties, girls’ cross ties, as well as neckties below:

custom school necktie with logocustom bow ties for school uniformcustom girls cross ties school uniform

About 45 days after these ties went into production, the products arrived at the customer. Below are some more detailed photos of the logo neckties, logo bow ties, as well as logo girls cross ties:

custom logo cross ties girlscustom kids bow ties logos

Looking to get custom neckwear made? Then contact us today and our design team would be happy to create some mock ups for you at no charge. We offer custom neckties in any width, clip-on neckties, bow ties (pre-tied and self-tie style), scarves, ascots, pocket squares, and girls cross ties. We look forward to hearing from you.

October 20, 2017

Cheap-Neckties September Customer Of The Month: Greg

At Cheap-Neckties, YOU are our number one concern! We appreciate each and every purchase and want to share our gratitude by selecting a Customer Of The Month! Each month, we will randomly select a return customer that has made a purchase within that month. That person will receive a complimentary item from our warehouse and be featured here! Congratulations to our September 2017 customer of the month, Greg!



Our previous winners:

May Customer Of The Month: Rudy
April Customer Of The Month: Ron