May 24, 2017

Get The Look: Trendy Blue + Brown

Mens Summer Style - Trendy Blue Jacket + Skinny Check Necktie

Blue and brown will always be a contender for one of the top menswear color pairings. The two iconic colors blend and complement each other in a way that others colors cannot. Often a fall time duo, this look features a light blue jacket which makes it spring and summer worthy! The necktie sports a brown, navy, and red plaid pattern with houndstooth design we can’t help but love! Show off your styling chops and shop the items below.

Blue Suit Jacket

Tie Bar in Matte Burgundy

Twill White Dress Shirt

Houndstooth Trendy Tweed Tie

Brown + White Floral Hanky

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May 17, 2017

Cheap-Neckties April Featured Customer: Ron

At Cheap-Neckties, YOU are our number one concern! We appreciate each and every purchase and want to share our gratitude by selecting a Customer Of The Month! Each month, we will randomly select a return customer that has made a purchase within that month. That person will receive a complimentary item from our warehouse and be featured here! Meet our April 2017 winner, Ron!


Featured Customer - April 2017

See Ron’s complimentary item here!

Our next winner will be contacted the first week of June!


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May 15, 2017

Custom Logo Tie with Gradient Color Fade

custom embroidered logo neckite

Most of the custom ties we are asked to design and make follow a pretty classic striped or all-over print design. Needless to say our designers were excited when The City of McAllen asked us to make a tie that starts black at the top and then gradually fades into a lime green color at the tip. Furthermore the customer wanted their “metro” logo embroidered in a way so that it is visible with a closed suit jacket. After understanding our customer’s vision, our designers put the following spec sheet together:

custom ties with gradual color fade

It took only 27 days for the ties to arrive at our San Francisco warehouse. We were thrilled to see the actual tie. The gradual color fade running down on the tie turned out better than anticipated. To achieve this gradual color fade we used over a dozen different green yarns as well as slowly changed the weaving density of these green yarns on the weft with a solid black yarn on the warp. While this probably sounds too technical, the photos will speak for themselves:

Looking to have custom ties made? Then contact us today and we would be happy to create some free design suggestions for you. We offer custom neckties, bow ties, women’s scarves, cross ties, clip-on ties, pocket squares, and zipper ties.

May 11, 2017

Top 5 Worst Dressed Politicians – Capitol Hill Style

Top US Politicians With The Worst Style

We at Cheap-Neckties think it time to put aside policies and laws for just a few minutes and focus on our forte – style! Who better to judge than our country’s fearless leaders. As constituents, we want to respect and trust those who run the country. This can be difficult when the people elected can’t choose the right shoes to go with their outfit or look like they belong in a pub rather than the Oval Office. We’ve combed through our tireless politicians to find those with the worst lean towards fashion and taste. Presenting, our list of Top 5 Worst Dressed Politicians.


Steve Bannon - Worst Dressed Politicians

#5 – Making his home at number five on our list, Steve Bannon is a sloppy, drama-ridden political adviser who looks like he’s always up to something mischievous. Should one not be abreast with Bannon’s reputation and happen to run into him on the street, they might be astounded to find he is currently one of the most important men in America. A similar looking figure might also be found at your local bar slumped in the back booth. Bannon is often seen wearing bedraggled suits with one, two, and, oh yes, sometimes three shirts underneath. These layered shirts recurrently happen to be collared, which clearly begs the question – why? His careless attempt to appear professional makes it even more surprising that he has achieved such influence. It is possible he’s decided to throw the middle finger to the collective “Man” through his disdain for appearing presentable, but that’s just our guess. 


Jim Justice - Worst Dressed Politicians

#4 – Slipping into fourth place of Worst Dressed Politicians is West Virginia’s new Governor, Jim Justice. Coined as West Virginia’s only billionaire, Justice’s coal business single-handedly financed his entire campaign leading up to his election for 2017. One would imagine that with funds such as these he would be able to afford a good tailor. It’s no secret that Justice is a big and tall man, and generally people of his build find ways to size down appearance instead of enhance. He must have his own interpretations about fashion because his suit jackets exhibit traits of a poncho more than anything else. His jacket arms go far past his wrists and maybe needs told “off the shoulder jackets” aren’t a thing. To add insult to injury, crocs…CROCS! There is a line between clothes being poorly fitted and just ridiculous and Justice has stepped over. In this occasion, bigger is not better.


Jimmy McMillan - Worst Dressed Politicians

#3 – High kicking his way to the number three spot on our Worst Dressed Politician list is to Jimmy McMillan III. He gained recognition by becoming a political activist and recurring candidate from the “Rent Is Too Damn High” party, formed by himself. Part of his popularity likely derived from his wild sense of style and animated personality that spawned on copycats. His facial hair is a hybrid of handlebars, mutton chops, and goatee not to mention his mullet. Known for sporting a suit and tie without the collared shirt and adding in the never-essential-everyday-gloves. In our book that makes McMillan eligible for making the top three on our Worst Dressed Politicians list.


Rand Paul - Worst Dressed Politicians

#2 – Second place on our list belongs to non other than Senator Rand Paul. He seems like a nice guy all around, but maybe has been in the hills of Kentucky a tad too long and forgot how to match his clothes. With a knack for interesting – and atrocious – wardrobe pairings, Paul has made a habit of attending public appearances with nonsensical outfits. We tend to tip our hats to anyone who goes through medical school, unfortunately we have to condemn wearing scrubs anywhere outside of the hospital or healthcare location. His outfit most recognition-worthy is an interestingly terrible combination of plaid shorts, black blazer, and shoes he pulled from the back of his closet. We’re not sure whether he thought he was going golfing, a hike, or to the office. Maybe he planned to do all three and thought a compromise was worth the risk of looking ridiculous. Think again, Paul. 


Donald Trump - Worst Dressed Politicians

#1 – Coming in at first place of the Worst Dressed Politicians is President Donald J. Trump. Not a shocker to most of America, since taking office Mr. Trump has been accosted for his poor style in spite of being one of the wealthiest people in the United States and known for tweeting out flaws (fashion included) of others. Trump has infamously used scotch tape to fasten the back of his tie from taking flight, or for whatever reason we’re still not quite sure. For an issue that haunts Trump so fiercely, one would imagine he would have solved the back of the necktie controversy within his first 100 days. If anything he should have used the tape to shorten his outlandishly long necktie. His suits are always too big, and of course his bizarre hair and face just make him look like a playboy wannabe. In conclusion, Mr. President “Trumps” all others in his lack of self awareness and style.


What politician do you think deserved to be on this list?


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May 10, 2017

Custom Tie for Fathers Day 5K Run

One of our current customers, the City of Fort Collins, recently contacted us to get a custom necktie made for their annual Fathers’ Day 5K run. While we usually assist in the design process, our customer already had created a design they liked. All we had to do is import their design into our design template (below) as well as ensure the proper color match using Pantone’s color chart. Below is the digital design our customer wanted us to make:

custom fathers day neckties

Within just nine days of submitting this custom tie design for production the following fabrics were completed:

custom necktie fabric

No further edits were needed and we continued with the bulk production of the ties. Just 32 days after the order was submitted all ties arrived at our warehouse in San Francisco. After a final quality check we forwarded all ties on to our customer. Below are some photos of the actual tie:

Looking to get custom ties, scarves, or bow ties made? Then contact us today and one of our design specialists will be happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you.


May 3, 2017

Menswear Color Of The Month – Powder Blue

Each month we will be featuring a Color of the Month! We are often inspired by trending colors and want to share our love for the complexity within each hue. We hope that by submerging into the the color wheel, our customers’ knowledge will expand as we feature distinct, noteworthy items. Let us know your color requests in the comments below!



Shop For Neckties and Bow Ties in Powder Blue

We asked and you responded and voted Powder Blue as May’s featured color of the month! This soft hue is idyllic for the warm spring and summer sun. The hint of gray makes it a unique and sophisticated step away from the usual light, baby blue. The subdued color is perfect for creating a vintage aesthetic and is a popular color for weddings and can often be found alongside palettes of cream, gold, blush, and petal pink. For the non-groom, this color creates a softer office look when worn with a white cotton dress shirt or a suit in navy or gray. Shop our favorite Powder Blue neckties and bow tie below!


  • Mens Striped Tie in White and Powder Blue


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April 30, 2017

Custom Logo Skinny Ties

While most of the custom ties we design and make are for schools or a traditional company uniform, we sometimes get very unique custom tie requests. This was the case when we were asked to create custom skinny ties for “Girls Night Out The Show”. The client wanted a bright white skinny tie with their logo displayed at the bottom. Easy enough for our designer! After a few edits of playing with scale and placement of the logo, this final design was approved by the client:

Custom white skinny logo ties

Because of the bright colors we decided to make these ties via a digital print. The final ties arrived just 27 days after the order was placed. Here is a detailed look of the complete tie:

custom white logo ties

Looking to get custom ties made? Then contact us today and one of our design specialists will be happy to help create some digital design suggestions for you free of charge.


April 28, 2017

Get The Look: The Power Of Purple

Menswear Classics - Navy Jacket + Small Dot Purple Necktie


It’s not everyday that you see a great purple tie! Often times, purple is worn in all the wrong ways and with all the wrong colors. This week’s look features a styling that we can get behind! The classic pairing of a navy blazer with tan chinos makes the bold purple tie not so domineering. The small dots bring a formality to the outfit that makes this appropriate option for work occasions or get togethers. Bring the look full circle with a classy mens wrist watch and cufflinks.

Navy Blazer

Classic White Dress Shirt

 Purple Silk Tie with Lavender Dots

Silver Cufflinks

Mens Tan Chinos

Woven Black Belt

Tissot Watch

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April 24, 2017

Custom Logo University Neckties

school logo neckties custom
Maryland’s Stevenson University contacted us to get custom neckties made for their athletic department. They were looking to incorporate their signature forest green color and their logo into a classic and timeless design. Based on their vision, our designer created the following suggestions for them:


Our customer liked the simplistic 1 inch wide striped design of design #3. 30 days after the order was confirmed, the ties arrived. Here is another detailed image on the tie showing the embroidered logo on the tip.

school logo mens ties custom designs with logo

Looking to get custom ties made? Then contact us today and we will get back to you with free design suggestions.

April 19, 2017

Custom Black Logo Ties

custom logo tie in black

When the Jaxson in New Orleans contacted us to get custom ties made for their staff, they made the job very easy for us as they had already picked a design they liked from one of our past custom jobs. They were looking to get the exact tie made but with their logo. To make sure the logo placing and scale was to their liking we first showed them this digital design:

black logo neckties

The client approved the design above without any further edit requests. 30 days after the order was submitted for production, the ties were shipped to our client in New Orleans.

Looking to get custom ties made? Then contact us today and our custom tie specialist will be in touch with you within one business day. We look forward to hearing from you.

Logo necktie in black