August 26, 2014

Designer Look For Under $300 – Casual Fridays

Jeans and Blazer Casual Menswear Style

Gray Blazer – $69.95

White Dress Shirt -$16.99

Denim Jeans – $59.00

Monk Strap Shoes – $68.74

Fedora – $35

Persimmon Orange Tie – $5.00

Italian Designer Pocket Square – $16.90

Black Suspenders –  $18.00

Total – $289.28

Create a phenomenally sharp Casual Friday look that can take you from the office to cocktail hour without hindering your savvy sense of style.  We have put together a designer look with all the bells and whistles for a grand total of $289.28.  The combination of accessories makes the classic combination of jeans, white shirt and blazer -pop!

Your Cheap Neckties Team

August 25, 2014

Deal Of The Week – Summer Stripe Tie in Aqua + Pink

Summer Striped Tie Deal of The Week

In celebration of the phenomenal Summer weather, we are marking down our Summer Stripe Tie in Aqua and Pink down from $15 to $10.  This slim tie is bold in color and style!  It is designed by the Blackbird Menswear Line and is made from a premium grade silk. We love to see this fun accessory paired bright whites, chambrays and seersucker.  Give yourself a fashion boost with this featured Deal of the Week.

Your Cheap Neckties Team

August 19, 2014

Designer Look For Under $300 – Black Tie Attire

Look Your Very Best In A Tuxedo and Bow Tie For $229.55

Budget Tuxedo Look

Classic Two Button Black Tuxedo - $84.75

Black Bow Tie - $9.90

Tuxedo Shirt – $14.90

Black Oxford Shoes – $120.00

Total = $229.55

Imagine never having to rent a tuxedo again!  We have pulled together the perfect Black Tie ensemble on the cheap making it cheaper to buy your own tuxedo and accessories than to rent.  Every man has had or will have to put on a tuxedo whether it’s for a friend’s wedding,  your own wedding or for a very special occasion.  Take the frustration out of Black Tie Attire and treat yourself to this dynamite getup. And face it, every woman loves a man in a tuxedo -especially if they own it.

August 12, 2014

Designer Look For Under $300 – Overboard For Nautical

Create Your Best Nautical Look For $249.83

Best Nautical Look For Men

Navy Blue Blazer – $90

White Chino Pants  - $24.99

White Poplin Button Down Shirt – $24.99

 Navy Blue Knit Tie – $15.00

White Pocket Square – $4.95

Driving Shoe – $89.90

Total – $249.83

We don’t know about you, but we are Overboard for Nautical this Summer.  You don’t have to be a millionaire or own a yacht to get this dapper getup. In fact, you can have this entire look for a grand total of $249.83. Each of these six fashion components are essential pieces that can be worn with a diverse range of aesthetics from a weekend nautical look to a Summer Wedding.  We are always fond of a proper Navy Blue and White Combination.

Ships Ahoy,
Your Cheap Neckties Team


August 5, 2014

The Three Must Have Accessories For Summer Menswear Fashion

These Three Menswear Accessories Will Transform Your Style


Best 3 Summer Menswear Accessories 2014


White Pocket Square – $4.95

Narrow Tie Bar – $14.90

Skinny Summer Tie in Coral –  $10.00

Total – $29.85

Make your best investment of the Summer Season with these three quintessential menswear accessories:  the White Pocket Square,  the Skinny Summer Tie in Coral and the Narrow Tie Bar.  This combo comes in just under $30 and literally has the power to transform your look from drab to notably fab.  Pair this combination with a white dress shirt and midnight blue suit like shown above, or pair this combo with a tan suit and a light blue dress shirt. Your options are vast and endless with these versatile pieces; wear them all together or separately.

Your Cheap Neckties Team

July 28, 2014

Designer Look For Under $300 – Summer Tan Work Wear

Look Sharp In Summer Tans With Accent Yellows and Greens

Savvy Menswear Fashion Ideas

Yellow Field Jacket – $67.50

Striped Tan Button Down – $65

Tan Trousers – $36

Men’s Bow Tie in Pine Green - $5.00

Black Leather Belt – $17.95

Black Suede Shoes – $69.99

Total = 261.44

Add some colorful accents to your workwear tans to create this designer look for a grand total of $261.44.  The Pine Green Bow Tie  adds character to the earth tone neutrals and takes these basics from dull to dapper in seconds.  This designer looks is an absolute cinch to copy and can be worn to a multitude of events ranging from an office meeting to a dinner date. This is your Go To Look for those days you want to look professional and you want to ditch the suit.

Your Cheap Neckties Team

July 21, 2014

Designer Look Of The Week – Savvy Business Wear

Look Polished In This Designer Look For Under $300


Designer Business Wear Look for Under $300

Suit Jacket – $69.95

Suit Trousers - $34.99

White Dress Shirt – 18.00

Brown Knit Skinny Tie – $15.00

Paisley Patterned Pocket Square – $16.90

Hunter’s Sporting Umbrella – $69.99

Total – $224.83

Your style should not have to suffer from rain delays when summer storm strike. We have picked out one of our favorite menswear looks that is polished, professional and rain proof.  And instead of having to pay an arm and a leg for this getup, we have priced it out so you can have it all for $224.83.    We are firm believers in making investment purchases and adding versatility and panache with accessories.  Invest in a quality umbrella and you’ll be happy you did once the rain strikes.   We like this look paired up with our dark brown knit tie and burnt orange paisley pocket square.

Your Cheap Neckties Team

July 14, 2014

Designer Look For Under $300 – Mad Men Panache

Give Yourself A Midcentury Look For Under $300

Designer Mad Men Look for Less

Skinny Suit - $81.95

Spread Collar Dress Shirt – $18.00

Navy Blue Knit Tie – $15.00

Monk Strap Loafers – $58.36

Total – $173.31

Give Don Draper a run for his money with this Designer Look For Under $300. This mid-century aesthetic is dripping in dapperness and masculinity.  The brown tailored suit paired with the monk strap loafers, white spread collar dress shirt and knit tie creates a look that has purpose, determination and style for only $171.31.  This professionally savvy business look is perfect for big meetings and interviews.

Your Cheap Neckties Team

Selected Silk Ties – $8



To make some room for our coming Fall collections, we have marked down over 100 handmade silk ties to just $8 each. Previously sold in our $15 and $20 categories, you can be sure that these pieces won’t last at a price this low. Please note that this is a final sale, and that many of these items will not be re-stocked once sold out. To view all $8 Silk Ties, please CLICK HERE 

Your Team

July 11, 2014

Designer Look For Under $300 – The Weekender

Look Sharp In the Casual Summer Suit

Summer Casual Suit

Paisley Patterned Pocket Square  - $18.90

Gingham Dress Shirt - $19.97

Tan Suit – $122.99

Belt – $15.24

Total – $177.10

Summer Weekends can sometimes call for a suit.  That doesn’t mean your look has to be straight laced and business focused.  Remember, you can wear a suit and still look cool, calm and dapperly clad.   When your weekend wear has to include a suit, wear a lightweight tan suit, a pastel gingham dress shirt and a patterned pocket square.  We love the look of a suit without a tie for spring and summer festivities. Our designer picked apart one our favorite summer get up and recreated it with budget pieces that all together will cost you $177.10!

Your Cheap Neckties Team