Top Accessories for Summer Prep Style 2013

Top Five Accessories for Summer Prep Style in 2013

Summer is all about bright colors, and the coming 2013 season is no different. Washed  pastel hues and cotton fabrics, once again, stand out on almost every designer’s summer collection. We at took a look at all the new summer collections, not just those of our tie designers we carry, but of many leading menswear brands. Below are five must have accessories any man appreciating preppy style, could benefit from.

#1 Boat Shoes


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Boat shoes are perfect for spring and summer! Sperry Top Sliders were already huge in summer 2012, a trend that will continue to carry through 2013. Boat shoes look great with colors chinos (see below), shorts, and even dressy kakis or summer suits in cream and seersucker. Our tip: stick to classic color combinations such as navy or browns.


#2 Pink & Navy Striped Ties

Few accessories scream “prep style” as much as a pink and navy striped tie, specially one featuring a ribb-texture. Our tip: pair this tie with either cream summer suit made from seersucker or linen, or a classic navy blazer paired with cream colored dress pants.


#3 Seersucker

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Seersucker is the ultimate fabric for summer suits. While not necessarily suited for business settings, it is the perfect piece for an elegant prepster look. Our tip: pair the seersucker suit with pink & navy striped tie, powder blue dress shirt, and midnight blue pocket square.


#4 Faded Chinos

colored-mens-chinosPhoto Source:

Looking to show of your summer style in a casual/fun way? Then swap your jeans for some pastel colored Chinos. Brands like JCrew or Bonobos offer a very wide range of colors for less than $100.  Our tip: go for light blues (aqua and mint in particular), coral, and/or off-whites! Pair these pieces with white polo shirt, sock-less worn loafers, and a colored cotton belt (see below).


#5 Colored Cotton Belts


The belt is one of the most useful menswear accessories that should not be overlooked. What brown and black leather belts are for business suits, are colored cotton belts for your summer Chinos. Because these pieces are not overly costly, you would do well with at least 2 different pieces (different colors and/or pattern). Brands like Old Navy, Lands End, and J.Crew currently have a nice collection.

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