Custom Ties and Scarves for Daemen College



Looking to get custom ties made for your school? Be it for your school’s sports team, your alumni, for a school uniform, or part of a fundraiser, we have created custom neckwear for hundreds of schools for a wide range of functions. While most of the custom school neckwear we create are neckties and the occasional cross ties for girls, we were recently contacted by the Daemon college in NY to help create custom men’s ties and matching women’s scarves for a special event.

After reviewing the school’s logo and colors, our designers first created a few initial necktie suggestions which we shared with our customer. After getting some initial feedback, we had a better idea what look and feel the customer had in mind for the event. Below are the first 5 designs we created (click on image for closer view):


From the initial designs above our customer requested a few edits. Eventually the following necktie design was chosen:



Once the tie design was confirmed, we created a few complimenting scarf suggestions:


Because the customer needed these ties and scarves in hand within 28 days, we immediately created the fabrics. Because time was at an essence, there wasn’t enough time for physical swatches. Instead we shared the following photos with the customer for approval. As shown in the photos below, the neckties were made from a woven fabric, giving the logo a classy embroidered look. The scarves on the other hand were made from a silk screen print fabric allowing for a thinner and more comfortable fabric typical for fine silk scarves.


Our customer liked the photos and we went straight into production to meet the tight 28-day deadline. Within 2 weeks all ties and scarves arrived at the customer in New York. From the day the order was submitted to the day all pieces were received a mere 23 days have passed.

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