October 1, 2012

Celebrity Fashion Tips – Style Tips Borrowed from Paul Newman

Dressing Like Fashion Icon Paul Newman

Looking back in history, it becomes quite apparent that not every actor breaks the mold and is able to make significant contributions to the world outside of their talent. This being said, there are some individuals out there who truly have a knack for success, and these people often go on to make changes in the world that reach far beyond what they were originally known for. Paul Newman is one of these individuals, and while he was an extremely successful actor, he was also a philanthropist that cared a great deal about doing good for the world. On top of all of this, Newman also happened to be an excellent dresser, and will go down in history as being one of the best-dressed actors of all time. In other words, we simply would not do our blog justice if we failed to mention Newman in our “Icons From the Past” Series. Just take the following into consideration; all elements of Newman’s style that you might be able to use to your advantage.

The Ideal Suit
Anyone who pays attention to men’s fashion knows just how important it is to be able to claim ownership to a few high-quality suits, and Paul Newman was no stranger to this guideline. Newman’s suits featured a slim, modern cut that would be ideal for wear in today’s world. He kept his lapels on the skinny side, and typically wore charcoal as a color as a rule. To add a subtle amount of contrast to his ensembles, Newman almost always chose to wear relatively dark ties with his charcoal suits. Finishing the ensemble off with a pair of elegant cufflinks gives one the same look Newman was known to exhibit during his days filming The Hustler. While the ideal suit is different for everyone, Newman certainly got to know his own personal style quite well over time.

The Denim Oxford
When Newman wasn’t donning a suit either onscreen or off, he was typically seen wearing his trademark denim oxford. This shit was made famous by his role in Cool Hand Luke, and is one that many people have come to associate with him. Newman’s denim oxford was almost always pale blue in color, and helped to give him a very specific look. He was also quite a fan of western shirts during this period of his life, and would be seen wearing them on a regular basis. While many people shy away from the denim oxford, Paul Newman took it in stride and made it his own.

Takeaways for the Modern Man
Modern men can learn a great deal from paying close attention to how Paul Newman dressed during his time in the limelight. A modern-cut suit is ideal for anyone who cares about how they present themselves, and should be part of every fashion-forward man’s closet; working with a good tailor can help you to ensure that you find the pieces that are right for you. If you’ve never experimented with a denim oxford, you may also want to try taking this route; it can be far more effective than many people realize, and isn’t a very large risk to take.

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