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Womens Silk Scarf in Light Olive

Womens Silk Scarf in Light Olive
$ 19.90

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This Parsley scarf is a wonderful addition to any uniform ensemble. Whether you want to pair it with a semiformal ensemble or a formal outfit, this is a great scarf to use. The beautiful shade of sage green works perfectly as an accompaniment to most colors, so many uniforms will work quit nicely.

This color works well for both semiformal and formal because it is considered a neutral shade. And the best part is that since it does not have any patterns or designs on it, this allows you to play and have fun with the adjoining colors and patterns for everything else. For an extra perk, Parsley has made this scarf in order to match perfectly with the man's neck ties. This color comes in both the woman's scarf as well as the neck tie, allowing your staff to look very put-together and professional. Handmade from 100% silk.

Size: 22 x 22 Inches