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Vintage Red Cotton Floral Tie

Vintage Red Cotton Floral Tie
$ 15.00

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Wow, is one word that comes to mind when first laying our eyes upon this luxurious tie. The soft fabric reminds us of how it feels to be wrapped in our favorite sweaters, and the design gives us essential holiday vibes. Whether you're walking into the office or taking your first steps down the aisle, this necktie was made for you to create the ultimate look.

Blackbird has created the ultimate flannel necktie handmade with some of the softest kinds of cotton. They've also created this tie with a modern 2.75-inch width. With this width, you'll find yourself having the ability to pair this casual necktie with basically anything, so we think you should take all the risks.

Printed on Cotton Flannel | Length: 58", Width: 2.75"