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Vintage Design Skinny Tie in Dark Red

Vintage Design Skinny Tie in Dark Red
$ 15.00

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You won't find a pattern like this anywhere else! This art-deco piece from Blackbird's new vintage inspired collection is a quirky style with a contemporary appeal. The unique lemon shaped capsule design encases a glorious blue sphere and is scattered the length of the tie to create an almost 3D descending special effect! The Skinny Tie in Dark Red is cut at a narrower size of 2.75" to give a more contemporary appeal. We suggest you continue the retro vibes and pair this with a beige tweed blazer and blue striped shirt with our Men's pocket Square in Grey for a truly iconic appeal.

Made from microfiber.

100% Woven Silk | Length: 58", Narrow Width: 2.75"