Item-Num.: SB3149

Trendy Skull Skinny Tie in Black and Silver

Trendy Skull Skinny Tie in Black and Silver
$ 15.00

Product Details

If you're looking for something a little on the edge this fun and fresh necktie is for you. Perfect for a Halloween extravaganza or just your average Saturday. The handsome design with smiling skulls and polka dots works extra well with the noir background and to add an element of class we've made it with a skinny design.

Produced by Blackbird this tie was made to stand out, so make sure your whole outfit screams. We recommend pairing it with a dapper and classic all-black ensemble, or possibly a chic white button up.

Fabric: Microfiber Weave w/ Metallic Yarn | Length: 58", Skinny Width: 2.25"