Tie a Tie Videos

Learn to tie your tie with these video instructions. Below we will teach you how to tie the most popular necktie knots with simple to follow videos.

Beginner Tie Knot: The Four in Hand

The “Four-in-Hand” is the easiest tie knot to tie. Practice in front of a mirror and we are confident that you will master this knot after only a few tries. Click on the four in hand video below. For more information, including video and picture illustration please visit our detailed tutorial on How to Tie a Four in Hand Necktie Knot

Most Popular Tie Knot: The Double Windsor

The Double Windsor is the most popular way to tie a necktie but also one that is a little more difficult to master. Although not an easy tie knot, we at Cheap-Neckties are confident that with this video you will master the double Windsor after a few minutes. For more information including picture illustrations please visit our guide on How to Tie a Double Windsor.

Half Windsor Knot Video

The half Windsor is the double Windsor’s smaller brother. If you already know how to tie a double Windsor, then the half, or also known as “simple Windsor”, will be even easier. Below is our video on How to tie s simple Windsor knot. For more info such as picture illustrations as well as tie-knot matching tips, please also visit our page: How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot

Other Tie a Tie Resources

How to Tie a Tie: Get a good overview of all the different necktie knots and why some knots might be more suited than others giving different occasions, dress codes, the style and design of your tie, your shirt collar, the suit, and more.

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