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Textured Woven Skinny Tie in Cherry

Textured Woven Skinny Tie in Cherry
$ 10.00

Product Details

Go ahead and step your tie game up, you know you've been wanting to for months now. With Puccini's new ribbed textured skinny tie collection you can stay inside your comfort zone while also seeing what modern style opportunities have to offer you. Try pairing our Textured Woven Skinny Tie in Cherry with an rich chestnut fitted suit to really play into those colors of Autumn.

Cherry will always stay a classic, whether its parked in your driveway or donned upon your chest. Puccini has created an upgraded design including a wonderful ribbed texture, which creates a delightful and gentle matte finish to the ties.

Fabric: Ribbed Texture Microfiber | Length: 58", Skinny Width: 2.75"