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Tartan Silk Necktie in Navy, Gold, and Red

Tartan Silk Necktie in Navy, Gold, and Red
$ 15.00

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If you feel like you need to do DIY job on your wardrobe then put the hammer down and start with the basics, after all it's whats on the inside that counts, right? Open that closet and pick out your sharpest suit you thought you would get multiple occasions out of yet is still hanging there with the dry cleaner's tag on it since cousin Rob's wedding two years ago. Here at BNT's we love injecting life into old classics just like how Blackbird designed the Tartan Silk Necktie in Navy, Gold, and Red. They took this traditional pattern and gave it a trendy twist by cutting it at a slightly narrower width for a modern appeal. The plaid shades have a more exuberant hue, featuring glistening gold and vibrant red stripes intersecting over a quintessential denim colored fabric to withhold the vintage vibe. Revive that midnight blue suit with a grey tweed vest for a uniquely charming style... without risking splintered fingers!

This sumptuous piece is made from 100% pure silk.

100% Silk | Length: 58", Width: 3.1"