Item-Num.: XI5280L

Tartan Plaid Tie in Tan in Long Length

Tartan Plaid Tie in Tan in Long Length
$ 9.95

Product Details

Everyone likes a nice tan, but the health risks can be fatal. Why not just wear a tie of that color? It's 100% healthier and you look more stylish! On top of all this, a tartan style design is also printed onto the tie to make you look even more suave. Not going to get that with a tan.

This item would be most suitable for work environments. Combine the tie with a white shirt and black, red or beige suit. However, it can also look good at summer parties with a beige sports jacket and pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

XL Tie Length: 63", Width: 3.25"

Product Rewiews

Adrian's review

"Will be used mostly for business. Recommend to anyone who likes this color tie. I am pleased with quality so that it blends in my already huge collection of neckties."

Rating 5/5
Robert's review

"Really enjoy this tie."

Rating 5/5