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Stylish Leather Dress Belt in Cognac Brown

Stylish Leather Dress Belt in Cognac Brown
$ 14.95

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One of our favorite new colors out of Mont Pellier's collection is this cognac brown. The combination of this unusual brown hue with simple belt design creates a classic and sophisticated belt that pairs nicely with trousers in navy, dark green, charcoal, and brown.

NOTE ON SIZING: To find the right belt size for you, simply add 2-4 inches to your pant size. For example: If you wear pants with a waist size of 36 inch, then the right fitting belt will be size 38 or 40. Each belt comes with 5 belt holes that are spaced one inch apart to allow for a wide range of adjustment.

100% Genuine Leather | Handmade | Designer: Mont Pellier